I'm Rachel grew up in France watching a ton of movies (French ones obviously,  foreign language ones and lots of independent films too), playing with a camera as often as I could and dreaming of becoming an air stewardess as I imagined my life would involve a lot of travelling!

Sadly the dream did not work out.  Instead, I followed a traditional career path - tried a lot of jobs in my 20's and managed to combine work and travel (I worked in travel agencies and airlines).

After dabbling in a few business ventures, I realised that I'd been missing the point all along!  What I really wanted to do was tell stories using my camera (movie watching got me somewhere after all!) and explains why I specialise in branding photography & film(My dream now is to direct a movie and get to walk the red carpet in Cannes but I have a long way to go!)

There's a whole creative angle  in the process of building a visual story from scratch that I enjoy very much. It involves so much more than just pressing a button at random and hoping to get one good picture in a flow of 1000's. Each image is created with a purpose!



Branding is more than just the logo that you put on your business cards. It's everything you stand for: your customers, your reputation, your look, your feel. In short, your story. 

Kelly Morr




Your images are not doing a good job for you, 

Style and Elegance are a key part of your brand story

Despite imagery being key for your brand, your images do not match what your brand is saying, you didn't create your images with your story in mind and even worse you can't put yourself in the picture.

Your visual content is lacking consistency and you don't have a plan to make your visuals work with your copy.

Business is all about people but you don't know how to best to portray what is going on behind the scene and the people behind the brand.

You have no idea how to tell a visual story or give a sense of experience.

You want to inspire and connect with your ideal client but you can't figure out how?

You would love to have images for your blog posts, Facebook banners, brochures and branded images to post on Instagram. 

You want visuals that tell a compelling story, invite people to connect and engage with your brand, show off your style and elegance, develop loyalty and trust;  seems like mission impossible!


The good news is that the Elegant Brand Studio is here to help you translate a compelling brand story into beautiful visuals that will invite people in, connect with your brand and be distinctive!




To tell a compelling story and give a consistent brand experience to your clients, your visuals need to be part of the story. 
They will often be the first touch-point a client has with your brand.


Creative Direction + iMAGE Styling

 services by the elegant brand

 I help you aligning your visuals with your brand story and give you a creative direction for what is best to showcase for your brand story.

 I will conduct an audit about your visual content and give you a content strategy to ensure brand consistency across every touch point, your brand is present.


Visual Content Creation(AKA Photography / FIlm)


Customised Content creation with images that bring your brand story to life and connect you with your dream client

Collection of professional photos that relate to your brand personality to use on social media and blog posts, in press and publications.

Vibrant visuals that are unique to your brand and set you apart from others in your industry, photographs of the authentic you, your team, your products, services and the wonderful experience you're giving to clients


My aim is to help you develop brand clarity, trust, loyalty through a consistent visual strategy and more clients as a result!

+ Great service!




  I'm available throughout the UK & London and at other various scheduled destinations. 

I love creating stories for your brand, integrating your message, adding style and mood to generate great visual content. I believe that choosing the right location for your brand is key as the location is part of the story you're telling.


  • ROME, ITALY- MAY 14-16 
  • PARIS - (is so close to London so just choose a date for your photoshoot and video) OPEN
  • LONDON & UK always open




Rachel nailed every shot she understood my brief and captured my essence. Corrina wedding Photographer



I'm delighted with the results they're a spot on representation of me and my brand.Kelly, Wedding Planner



Rachel is so in tune with her gift of creating and capturing the true essence of her clients.

Tiffeny, life coach

Rachel, I cannot thank you enough for the amazing branding video you created for my business! I absolutely love it and so does everyone who sees it! You totally captured what we’re about and I couldn’t have dreamed for it to turn out any better.  It was such a fun day filming with you as well, you had some fab ideas and you were totally cool about my crazy ones of accommodating and incorporating into the video a puppy and a toddler! (Which you portrayed amazingly!)
From the bottom of my heart thank you, the whole experience was a pleasure and the final product is amazing! Its the perfect video for potential clients to view to see what we’re all about and I’m sure it’s going to help put me in contact with and allow me to look after lots of lovely brides this year! Thanks again, you’re a superstar and very talented! Xx

Camilla J, Collins Hair & Make-up




to say good bye to visual blandness with images that leave your prospective clients wondering what you're about?



Develop trust with visuals that are consistent with your brand



Images that invite your audience to become part of your tribe.



I will help you stand out with a compelling visual story to increase brand visibility and connect you to your ideal audience



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