Jazzin’up Your Visual Content

Creative Direction & Styling for Your Visual Content 


Imagine if you could...Create a visually powerful brand that captures your audience and creates conversions for your business. 

Do you feel a little like you’re stabbing in the dark when it comes to creating amazing visuals that really resonate with your target market? Maybe you love taking photos and putting together content for your brand, but you’re not sure what’s going to really generate results? If this sounds like you, then you’re in the right place…

In tightening and strengthening your visual strategy, you can be sure the effort that you’re putting in will start to pay off. Creating a visual brand that resonates with your target audience is the first step to capture their attention, and turn them into paying customers. I can show you how to

  • Create visuals that immediately make your ideal clients want to learn more about you, click on your “Work with me” page, and check out your services and products.

  • Always know exactly what you should put out there so that you create a consistent brand story that attracts your ideal client.

  • Use visuals online so that you get followers, views, and clients on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest and create a beautiful website that makes clients become raving fans.

    And you know what? You don’t have to randomly put out visual content that doesn’t serve your brand anymore.

    With my creative direction and styling services, you learn exactly what photographs and visual content you should create to get engagement and clients.

My top tips for creating a strong visual story


To get you started, here are a few tips and ideas to consider to ensure your brand identity is working hard for you…

1. Define a clear target audience: draw up client/customer profiles and really dig in deep to create clear guidelines 

2. Create a clear and concise colour scheme and stick to it. Make your visuals cohesive by creating a brand colour palette to develop a strong visual identity

3. Consider your target audience at all times and think about what each image communicates and says about your business


What you get

A powerful plan and strategy so you know exactly what to post and share in your images to keep your visuals coherent and highly appealing.

  • You will know what themes to use in your images based on your brand message.

  • Image curation based on my signature brand styling process and a list of ideas for your photographs and brand story.


Your investment

At the end of your sessions with me, you have full clarity on your brand story and visuals so that you can attract more of your ideal clients and be consistent with your branding.

Packages starting at £975


What’s included

  • Brainstorming sessions to narrow down your brand story, recommended themes to feature in your visuals.

  • A plan for your visual content with a list of ideas for your posts

  • Coaching sessions to set up a plan to create and/or source visuals.

  • Follow-up sessions one month after launching your visual strategy plan so that you can refine it even further



Complementary Consultation


Book a complimentary online or phone consultation to see whether we are a match for each other and how I can help you grow your brand with creative direction and styling.