10 reasons why you should go niche marketing

Setting up a business is the easy part, once you have chosen your target market how do you stand out in the crowd? Going niche is one way, catering for a particular field will reduce the number of clients to target, it will also make you stand out as the specialist to go to.  When you are looking for an expert, would you rather go for the generalist or the specialist? Here are ten reasons which might convince you to go niche.

  1. You are passionate about what you do, i.e you have a passion for marketing and communication with a love of independent fashion labels, there’s your niche, there’s your niche doing  marketing for independent fashion labels! Going niche is like being a “big fish in a small pond.”
  2. You can create a business based on your personal brand which makes it unique in the market; there is only one you, clients will choose YOU!
  3. People visiting your website will get what you are about, straight from the landing page.
  4. You create a clear message, being recognised in your field as the expert to go to.
  5. You only attract the clients with the best fit, the ones you want to work with
  6. Clarity this is a big one, transparency is critical, forget noise, forget running like a headless chicken each time business trends change, stick to your guns.
  7. Focus, you have one particular focus in mind, you understand the direction you should take and stay put if you lose focus you know exactly where to come back to!
  8. You find the right influencers and collaborators for your business.
  9. You can speak directly to your ideal client; you understand exactly who they are and what solutions you are providing for them.
  10. You can say no if you feel that a customer is not the right fit move on.

So on my mission to help you create a consistent brand this week, I will ask you to have a close look at what you deliver and to whom?

How can you be even more specific
More specialist
State openly who you’re serving, this has to come across in your branding
Can you skim through non-relevant, products, services or take them off your the navigation bar on your home page?

Once you’ve narrowed down your offering, who you’re serving and what your speciality is, get even more specific about your audience. I will ask you to be ruthless ( and it might be tough to hear, I get it, all your hard work, beautiful images who have to bin), look at your website, portfolio, delete everything which leads to confusion and is not about the client you want to serve. Remember this is not about showing  all your skills it’s about helping your ideal client with that something special only you can do for them.

 Trust me, it will make a difference to your google analytics of how long a prospective client will browse through your website, once you made your site easier to navigate and less cluttered, don’t forget you only have, what? 3 seconds to entice and be very clear about what you do and for whom, so don’t be scared, be bold with your brand, openly state, I help these people with …  to…. ? A confused mind will always say no! Clarity will make you stand out!

What is your niche, have you moved from being a jack of all trade to a niche business, how did you do it?

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