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Using Data and Feedback to Develop Your Brand Visual Strategy

Analysing data is key to shape your digital marketing strategy, particularly when it comes to visuals on social media. Without data, this leaves us guessing in the dark, and while you might hit the mark sometimes, you might massively miss the mark otherwise. What if you could always hit the mark though, every single time you publish a new post on social?

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The Full Guide to Using Instagram Stories

Instagram is one of the fastest growing social networks in the world. But it’s not just for sharing food and holiday pics – it’s also a great tool for businesses and entrepreneurs of all kinds.

The nature of Instagram makes it super useful for product discovery but it’s also a more visual, information and real time way to communicate with your customers. One way to do this, and to bring your clients closer to your brand, is with Instagram Stories.

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3 Reasons Why Beautiful Visuals Aren’t Just Important on Instagram

When it comes to our business Instagram accounts we are all super meticulous. Taking ages to find the perfect images to fit our brand aesthetic, there are even tools that let you play around with images on your feed, to make sure you’re happy with the overall look before you publish anything.

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Designing Your Visual Content -10. Create on brand visual content - summary

10. Create on brand visual content - summary

This is the last  blog post of the series about helping you to design visual content for your brand. This post will cover and summarise all the topics I went through.A 10 week summary about creating consistent visual content

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Designing Your Visual Content - 8.Where to find Images for my brand

 8.Where to find Images for my brand

This week we're focusing on the most important topic of this series your visual content. To create and curate content you have a variety of options in mind you just have to remember of being consistent and staying on brand when you choose your images.

In the last few weeks I went through explaining and planning for your static and variable content. To finding content for your static content will be more challenging as you will have to step in the images and put yourself on the spot to tell your story, how are you going to to do that?

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Designing Your Visual Content - 5.Ideas for your static content

5. for your static content

This week we're moving from the planning element into actually thinking about what we will put into your visual content. Which are the essential elements to consider for your static content - where do you need images?  Your main common denominator for your static visual content will be your brand story. You need to be clear about your brand message and story before working on your images.


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Designing Your Visual Content - 2. How to Tell Your Brand Story

2.How to Tell Your Brand Story

Your brand story will unfold from these key elements. This week we start thinking about how you want to tell your brand story. When you think about your brand what is the story and how will you tell it? There's two type of content you will have to consider:


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A 10 Week Series - How To Design and Create Your Visual Content - Week 1

How to Design and Create Your Visual Content

In this 10 Posts series, you will learn about the knots and bolts on how to plan for and create on-brand images for your visual marketing and brand content.

I too often see visual content as the relegated branding task.


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Turn September into your most productive month

Welcome back September!

Make September your most productive month!

It’s hard to believe, September is back! Why not make the most of the gathered summer energy to make September your most productive month.  I hope you had a great time away and made the most of your summer holidays to create great visual content. I'm back from a US tour, where I took lots of pictures and will share the stories with you later over the months left in 2017.

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Create visual content from your time away

Make the most of your time away, create visual content

You will certainly travel with your phone may be a DSLR camera? If your brand is all about, international travel, celebrating time off, enjoying dining Al Fresco, buying flowers, sitting at the beach? This might then be the perfect opportunity for you to create some visual content while away?


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The importance of working with a team

Ready to consider working with a team?

When you start a business far from the idea of working with a team,  you're very focused on yourself, your vision, your thoughts. How you're going to drive everything past the first year while trying to keep a tight budget. It gets to the point where you're spending hours trying to handle WordPress to discover that the template you've just bought is not in line with your branding! Or you've just lost all of you content due to a plugin.

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