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Free Online Tools to Create Visual Content to stand out

To get noticed on social media you will need to stand out with great visual,   90% of information that comes to the brain is visual, so if you want readers to stop and read about how you can help them, grab their attention with images, infographics and videos. It's a no brainer that articles with images get 94% more viewers and with the digital information overload we're bombarded on a daily basis, attention spans are shorter than ever, so make sure you put time and efforts into your visual content. Add quotes and questions to your images to create impact like a comma in a sentence. For an accurate personal touch use images created by you an other options is to acquire stock styled photography. Here are 5 tools that will get you started!

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How to Use Visuals to Drive More Traffic to Your Site

The best visuals immediately tell us what a brand or business is about. It’s also true that most of us love visual content – it’s just the way our brains are wired. It’s easy to take in and understand and, beyond that, humans are primed to respond to visual stimulus. It’s part of our DNA. It’s no surprise then that brands using lots of striking visual content also tend to do best in the search results, attract more visitors and make more sales.

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How to develop visual content from your brand story - part two

After last's week post, I will help you find more ideas to develop visual content from your brand story.
How did you get along with the ideas I shared with you last week? I hope that I managed to sparkle some visual content ideas for you?
As a reminder, we talked about developing visual content from YOU, your products and services, presenting your team, the behind the scene.

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Designing Your Visual Content - 8.Where to find Images for my brand

 8.Where to find Images for my brand

This week we're focusing on the most important topic of this series your visual content. To create and curate content you have a variety of options in mind you just have to remember of being consistent and staying on brand when you choose your images.

In the last few weeks I went through explaining and planning for your static and variable content. To finding content for your static content will be more challenging as you will have to step in the images and put yourself on the spot to tell your story, how are you going to to do that?

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Designing Your Visual Content - 5.Ideas for your static content

5. for your static content

This week we're moving from the planning element into actually thinking about what we will put into your visual content. Which are the essential elements to consider for your static content - where do you need images?  Your main common denominator for your static visual content will be your brand story. You need to be clear about your brand message and story before working on your images.


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Create visual content from your time away

Make the most of your time away, create visual content

You will certainly travel with your phone may be a DSLR camera? If your brand is all about, international travel, celebrating time off, enjoying dining Al Fresco, buying flowers, sitting at the beach? This might then be the perfect opportunity for you to create some visual content while away?


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5 Ideas to create on brand visual marketing


Show the behind the scene, this could be showing your workspace, your favourite coffee where you sometimes hang out to escape the home office. Create inspiration around your story, your environment. Add images to every product you sell, 93% of buyers online say images is the number 1 factor when buying a product. 

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10 Reasons why you need a destination photoshoot

Well, this year I have decided to extend my offering, I love working on location creating new stories for your brand integrating your message, adding style and mood to generate great visual content.

As I explained in my previous post, when you design visual content, you want a variety of images, pictures that tell a story, with multiple uses for your blog posts, share on social media, inspire, you don't just want generic images which are not relevant to what you do and what you stand for!

Here are 10 Reasons why a destination photo shoot might be of value to your brand


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