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48 Hours in Brussels There is more to Brussels than the EU

48 hours in Brussels - There is more to Brussels than the EU

There has been a lot of Brussels in the headlines recently, more so over the UK referendum to leave or stay in the EU with the results we know. Brussels might have a bad reputation. Lately, I would suggest,  give Brussels a chance as there is more to it than the EU.

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48 Hours in Barcelona make it a worthwhile visit

So what could you do for 48 hours in Barcelona?

The other day I read that Barcelona was a victim of its success, too many tourists! Each time I go I discover new places, I was back in Barcelona, in May this year. I love wandering on the shaded streets of the city, away from the big boulevards. This town has a lot to offer. It would be a shame not to go because of the crowds, the old city has the quaint charm of Havana, the food is fantastic and the beach just a stroll away from the city centre. I understand why Barcelona is a tourist magnet! Here is how to make the best of your trip to Barcelona escaping the crowds.

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48 Hours in Luxembourg

n this post, I want to introduce you to Luxembourg a pocket-size country, well worth a visit. I used to live there in the late 90s and enjoyed the quality of life living in such a small country, everything so close nearby,  with no sense of overcrowding. We used to go out to the same restaurants on a regular basis, in such a small city you tend to know everyone in your neighbourhood.

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