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Designing Your Visual Content - 4.Planning for your variable content

4.Planning your variable visual content

Following on from week 3, this week we're focusing on planning for your variable visual content. We live in a visual world and when you consider, the number of social media you have to publish on, your blog posts, and your static content, I can feel your head starting spinning! Mine does!


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Designing Your Visual Content -3.Planning your static visual content

3.Planning your static visual content

Welcome back we're already starting week 3 can you believe it! Last week I introduced you to static and variable visual content, for your brand. This week I will help you publishing more consistent content by planning ahead. Like doing your accounts (which I know you hate doing), we have to start from the number of places you want to post images, you also need to consider what I would call your static and variable images content and what you want to put in them.


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