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How to create a brand board?

Now that you are a bit clearer about your brand you want to create a branding board that will help with your brand vision and the visual elements you to deal with to create consistency in your branding. I have done this for my own brand to show you as an example.  I like this idea of a sample page branding kit as you can quickly apply it into your branding it also give a clear vision of how your brand looks like to an external eye and how consistent it looks.

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Get Clarity About Your dream Client

I think we're extremely lucky to live in a time where you can target the people you want to work with and not just adapting what you do to the masses. You can shape a dream client from what you create and this is what I am going to speak today.

After last's week post you should have more clarity about starting out as a brand and visioning your client's journey. This week I want to it narrow down that client.

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How a powerful personal brand will enhance your personal life

Create  a powerful personal brand

How can your brand and personality be so closely related? I will speak from experience here. When you start out your business you're rather in a fearful position and full of doubts. How will my product come across, will people buy from me? How will I make money, what is the competition doing?


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