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Ninka's Detox Testimonial

Great photoshoot for my new courses in Denmark and international platforms in London today. Thank you The Elegant Brand for making it easy, fun, and for taking time to really understand my mission and my identity.

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How to create buzz with your personal brand?

You're very proud, you've built a business who's the essence of what you stand for, and people get you completely. They love connecting with you;  feel inspired by your lifestyle, comment on everything you've put out there recently. There's only one main issue you haven't taken seriously, is that even possible, you're so dedicated to your business? You know what I'm talking about are you? Yes, you still haven't put yourself out here, even though this is your personal brand you're hiding behind your small profile image selfie!

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A personal branding photo shoot in London

Who does not love London? The Red buses, mail and phones boxes, Buckingham Palace, the Horse Guards Parade.  The uber-romantic Notting and Primrose Hill walks along the Thames on the South Bank or Richmond. There are so many great places to visit! London is also a great playground for a personal branding photoshoot, 

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