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Helping Susan follow her dream and start a lifestyle blog

As business owners we sometimes forget to trump out our own trumpet. I guess it’s perfectly normal especially as women we are always concerned of being too braggish to the point that we tend to forget to speak about how we help clients and help them reach their goals! This is about to change, I realised that I was not talking enough about what I was doing with my clients, how I was supporting them thinking you already know about it. You don’t of course! If I don't speak about it, how would it. So I’ve decided to feature more case studies on my blog which will hopefully inspired and give you some ideas with your branding strategy or creative direction.

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Susan E. Park, Lifestyle Blogger

Rachel is a wonderful and excellent coach who is always encouraging. She helped me realize that I can give myself permission to pursue my passion of becoming a writer and lifestyle blogger. I appreciate her generosity in her time and wisdom and wanting to me succeed. Rachel is a coach I would recommend to anyone who wants to progress in their goals and dreams.

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Why you Should Stop Comparing Yourself to the Business Next Door

No matter what stage you are at in your entrepreneurial journey you’re likely to find that you go through phases of comparing yourself to other entrepreneurs, or your business to other businesses. For every business owner the journey is completely unique, and this is often what makes our business compelling – our own personal story and journey – but all too often we are keen to cover this up, to appear more like the businesses that we admire.

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