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Free Online Tools to Create Visual Content to stand out

To get noticed on social media you will need to stand out with great visual,   90% of information that comes to the brain is visual, so if you want readers to stop and read about how you can help them, grab their attention with images, infographics and videos. It's a no brainer that articles with images get 94% more viewers and with the digital information overload we're bombarded on a daily basis, attention spans are shorter than ever, so make sure you put time and efforts into your visual content. Add quotes and questions to your images to create impact like a comma in a sentence. For an accurate personal touch use images created by you an other options is to acquire stock styled photography. Here are 5 tools that will get you started!

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How to connect and grow your tribe - Part One

I recently surveyed my subscribers and facebook group.

About the most significant challenge that you're facing right now and the type of help, you would like to read about on this blog.  The results were very informative and helpful. Thank you for engaging with me.

What came out was a request for help on how to create a brand based on what makes you unique, also understanding who is your ideal client, getting clear with your branding (aka brand clarity). It does not only go back to brand clarity but understanding yourself, who you are as a person and your values.

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How to create a brand board?

Now that you are a bit clearer about your brand you want to create a branding board that will help with your brand vision and the visual elements you to deal with to create consistency in your branding. I have done this for my own brand to show you as an example.  I like this idea of a sample page branding kit as you can quickly apply it into your branding it also give a clear vision of how your brand looks like to an external eye and how consistent it looks.

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Starting your brand journey

Let's go back to basics

In my mission to help you with brand clarity, I will take you on a brand journey with the next few weeks blog posts. 

This first blog post will take you back to basics; you might already have a business for a few years or just starting out. Where ever you're you might need more clarity on your branding or more focus on your business as a brand. 

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Designing Your Visual Content -10. Create on brand visual content - summary

10. Create on brand visual content - summary

This is the last  blog post of the series about helping you to design visual content for your brand. This post will cover and summarise all the topics I went through.A 10 week summary about creating consistent visual content

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Turn September into your most productive month

Welcome back September!

Make September your most productive month!

It’s hard to believe, September is back! Why not make the most of the gathered summer energy to make September your most productive month.  I hope you had a great time away and made the most of your summer holidays to create great visual content. I'm back from a US tour, where I took lots of pictures and will share the stories with you later over the months left in 2017.

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Create highly visible pins

I might be a little bit biased writing about Pinterest, as I’m an avid fan. I’m attracted to visuals like a moth to a flame. I spend time daily on Pinterest to engage, be inspired, share and content.

You might be deterred, thinking, "not another social media platform to add to my social media campaign". Trust me, I know the feeling! But, I'll tell you a secret! Plan ahead, prepare your content and automate. Here are some facts that might convince you to be on Pinterest!

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Grow your audience with great design!

First impressions are based on visuals. Every day we tend to skim through zillions of websites and if we don't trust what we see we're not going to spare much time to read the content! 

Great design, will create a great first impression, why?



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