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8 out of the box ways to build your brand

Struggling to get your business off the ground? Who said you need you need to do it alone? Get help from people you admire, develop relationships, build new connections. Don’t expect overnight results you’re in it for the long term. When we set up business we think we have to do it all alone. The quickest way to build up your brand and business is to reach out to other small businesses, share your content, contribute as a guest blogger, start chatting to like minded businesses, and get influencers on board. Create a network around your brand that will help you grow your business and get you clients.

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Starting your brand journey

Let's go back to basics

In my mission to help you with brand clarity, I will take you on a brand journey with the next few weeks blog posts. 

This first blog post will take you back to basics; you might already have a business for a few years or just starting out. Where ever you're you might need more clarity on your branding or more focus on your business as a brand. 

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Welcome to the Elegant Brand

My photography business has been a constant work of evolution!  When I started I had an idea in mind but no real vision about it.  Setting up the business, working with clients and continuing my education as an entrepreneur and photographer has opened new horizons and has helped define a vision

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