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Create a clear direction for your visual brand strategy

Pinterest is undoubtedly my favourite social media. I use Pinterest as a tool for inspiration, creating ideas for personal, editorial photo shoot and working with clients on every personal branding and portrait shoot.

We use the board not only for their photoshoot, also for the creative direction, including the brand colours, the moods, the props that will be part of the photoshoot with the idea to narrow it down to a clear visual strategy. 

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Designing Your Visual Content - 6. Ideas for your variable content

6.Ideas for your variable content

Going along with the previous weeks, we're moving into thinking about what you will put into your variable content and the key elements to consider. Variable content is another challenge, as you will need a flow of images to keep it relevant and fresh. So how do we go from there?

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Create visual content from your time away

Make the most of your time away, create visual content

You will certainly travel with your phone may be a DSLR camera? If your brand is all about, international travel, celebrating time off, enjoying dining Al Fresco, buying flowers, sitting at the beach? This might then be the perfect opportunity for you to create some visual content while away?


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A personal branding photoshoot for - A Life Transforming Coach

Tiffany is on a mission to guide change in men and women who're dreaming big, help them succeed in following their true path. She understands what it means for her clients to feel trapped with a strong calling of what their heart and soul is pushing them do, as she fell in this position herself!

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