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How to Tell A visual story with Your Brand

We’re well aware of how to write a story with words, years of being taught English and other languages at school have given us the tools for telling a story. And if you're lost for words, don’t despair. There’s always a copywriter who can apply their magic.

Now, I'm afraid to tell you that we live in a world that relies heavily on visuals. You'll need strong visuals to support your words. Images on any marketing you put out there represent the essence of your content.

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5 Ideas to create on brand visual marketing


Show the behind the scene, this could be showing your workspace, your favourite coffee where you sometimes hang out to escape the home office. Create inspiration around your story, your environment. Add images to every product you sell, 93% of buyers online say images is the number 1 factor when buying a product. 

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Welcome to the Elegant Brand

My photography business has been a constant work of evolution!  When I started I had an idea in mind but no real vision about it.  Setting up the business, working with clients and continuing my education as an entrepreneur and photographer has opened new horizons and has helped define a vision

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