Helping Susan follow her dream and start a lifestyle blog

As business owners we sometimes forget to trump out our own trumpet. I guess it’s perfectly normal especially as women we are always concerned about being too braggish to the point that we tend to forget to speak about how we help clients reach their goals! This is about to change, I realised that I was not talking enough about what I was doing with my clients, how I was supporting them thinking you already know about it. You don’t of course! If I don't speak about it, how would you? So I’ve decided to feature more case studies on my blog which will hopefully inspire and give you some ideas with your branding strategy or creative direction.

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This week I'm introducing Susan E. Park, she lives near Chicago and found me via the Creative Launch Summit. When I started mentoring her in 2018, she just signed up to do a PhD in Organizational Leadership. She wanted to help women in leadership and help them climb the career ladder. She also had a young family and was not too sure how she would handle the PhD and her family. A few months into our sessions, she realised that taking on a PhD, trying to set up a business and looking after young children were too much. We both agreed that she needed to take a break from it all.

It was also at the time that I decided to get proper training as a coach. We got in touch again at the end of my training, in the meantime, Susan realised that this wasn’t her passion and that writing was what she truly wanted to pursue.

I felt so excited for Susan it felt like she had finally given herself permission to follow a dream rather than trying to fit in.

We had bi-monthly sessions, 6 in total to help her reach her goal of setting up a lifestyle blog and becoming a writer on a mission to inspire other women with a young family. The sessions unfolded with what she knew about blogging, finding time in her busy schedule to work on her business, how to set up a blog on word press, choosing the categories she would be blogging about, creating a vision for her brand, defining her ideal client, creating an editorial calendar with 100 topics ideas and launching her site.

But not only when you're working towards a goal, it’s critical to understand your WHY, why you want to reach your goal, what is the real motivation is behind it? When Susan tried to study for her PhD, she was not doing it for herself but looking for recognition instead. You will not have the drive to follow a goal when you think I should do it because it will look good on my CV, or in front of my family. You will reach a goal that is close to your heart because it will be driven from inside out rather than the other way. For Susan, the main WHY was to give herself permission to become a writer and inspire other women with her writing..

This is what Susan had to say about working with me:

Susan Park's Rounded.jpg
Rachel is a wonderful and excellent coach who is always encouraging. She helped me realize that I can give myself permission to pursue my passion of becoming a writer and lifestyle blogger. I appreciate her generosity in her time and wisdom and wanting to me succeed. Rachel is a coach I would recommend to anyone who wants to progress in their goals and dreams.
— Susan E. Park

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