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Having a business today means wearing a variety of different hats, the entrepreneur, the manager, the technician, the creative and many more!

To get noticed on social media you will need to stand out with great visuals,   90% of information that comes to the brain is visual, so if you want readers to stop scrolling and read about how you can help them, grab their attention with images, infographics and videos. Visual content is often at the bottom list of our priorities, but it’s becoming increasingly vital with the demands of social media, we need to produce and find even more content, to continue connecting with our audience. i.e. if you post on Instagram 5 days a week it means that you need to find 20 images to post per month! Sounds crazy but its a reality!

For an accurate personal touch use images created by you or for you, you can mix these images with stock styled photography that matches your brand. Here are five tools that will get you started designing your brand’s visuals.

1. The Design Tool –

Is my go-to design website; it’s so versatile. I use it for creating email opt-in, blog and social media images posts, photo collages. Most of the design and layouts are free with an option to buy some images and designs from $1USD.

Upload your pictures, select a design, Canva is a fantastic tool to create visual content, blog posts, magazines, social media posts, even business cards and all the designs are already formated in the right size for your posts. By adding text your can remix your images remember simple is better, don’t over do it, just enough text to grab attention, make sure the words are in line with the content you’re posting and sharing, asking questions or writing an inspiring quote work well. The pro version will allow you to resize your images for a blog post, Instagram, Facebook in one click.

2. Free Stock Photography –Unsplash

Unsplash is a great option to move away from the cheesy, teeth grinding stock photography, for more lifestyle and more stylish, Unsplash offers a variety of royalty-free images that might suit your blog posts, make them more personal by adding your own words. If you’re ready to invest more in your stock images, try Hautechocolate their lifestyle images are super stylish and sleek exactly what might fit your brand! Or have a look at the Instagram Images bundle I offer in the shop

3.Create a mood board – Pinterest

Plan your visual content, create a mood board with the images that you’re planning to use in the next 3 to 6 months. Set on a secret board and don’t look at them for a while, the idea is to detach yourself emotionally from the images and look at them in a more rational way. You will immediately notice what does not work together!

4-Remix your content – Over App

Use your previously posted images, add text and typography to personalise your photos taken on the phone and repost them on a different plateform. Available for IOS and Android App. The other non free option is WordSwag.

5.Fonts combinationCanva Font Combination

Looking for an harmonious font combination for your visual content? type genius will give you ideas about the best fonts combination with a graphic example.

Share any helpful tools that you’re using for your visual content.


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