Designing Your Visual Content - 8.Where to find Images for my brand

This week we're focusing on the most important topic of this series your visual content. To create and curate content you have a variety of options you just have to remember about being consistent and staying on brand when you choose your images.

In the last few weeks, I went through the how and planning for your static and variable visual content. Finding visuals for your static content will be more challenging as you have to put yourself in the pictures to tell your brand story, how are you going to to do that?



  • The obvious hire a professional photographer and create work in line with your brand story and personality. Create images about you, that tell your brand story and invite your audience to connect with you. To stand out, show your behind the scene, the craftsmanship, your process as it will look different from any other brand story.

  • The second option is to do it yourself, ok let's not try with a selfie, take a course about how to look best in photographs, put effort into taking your images, choose the best light, a neutral background, make sure the lighting and mood fit your brand. Don't forget your outfit, if your brand story is about a specific location then don't stay inside, make the location part of your story. Write a script before even starting shooting.

For variable content, your option are varied, again you can

  • Work with a pro photographer to tell your story and create content for your social media, blog posts, thinking ahead about what your next topics will be and work on creating photos as a magazine feature. When selecting a photographer look closely at their portfolio and what their style is, also if they are good at telling a story.

  • Buy stock photos, make sure you buy images from the same photographer to keep consistency in styling and lighting. Choose pictures in line with your branding and copy, don't just choose an image to illustrate your blog post but to support your post, the image be your first impression when someone reads your text. Places to find great stock photography are:

  • Twiggy Posts

  • Jenna Kutcher styled stock images

  • Haute Chocolate

or visit the new shop for stock imagery by the Elegant Brand

There's plenty more; I just choose a selection that offers elegant and stylish images. Don't overdo it with stock images, induce variety don't forget the human factor behind your brand story.

Remix existing content. Nothing stops you from posting the same image on different social media platform, use to resize your pictures for each social media, and add text to it.

Make the most of your holidays and trip to create content for future posts or fill in gaps. Read the blog post about creating content on your time away

Take your photos, plan, dedicate a full day or two at just doing that and work on your visual material for use in the next 2,3, six months depending on how many times you're posting.

I hope these solutions will help you lift up your brand and visual content, next week I will go into more details about creating your images.

If you would like the help of a pro, creating your custom styled stock images, or a full branding story visit the service page


The ElegantBrand by Rachel V