Designing Your Visual Content -10. Create on brand visual content - summary

This is the last  blog post of the series about helping you design visual content for your brand. This last post covers and summarises all the topics I went through, to help you create consistent and on brand visual content for your brand, with the aim to stand out and create a connection with your audience.


Week one - The importance of visual content

What you need to retain from this post:

  • You need to have brand clarity before you can start working on your visual content.

  • You have to define the values and mission of your business, your why?

  • Be clear about your brand personality

  • Understand who is your ideal client?

Week Two - Static & Variable visual content

  • Introducing what is static visual content - your core story telling, on your website, brochure, marketing

  • Introducing what is variable content - to help you create a tribe around your brand, posting via social media

Week Three - How to plan for your visual static content

This was all about creating a schedule and set the number the images that you will need for publication on your static visual content.

  • The formula is the number of places you're posting static visual content. i.e website, all the pages with images, welcome kit, cover pages and social media profiles.

  • Write it down, create a spreadsheet creating a column for each images location and another column to add the number of images you will need to fill the page with, add a column with a theme for each of the images of what you want in it. You might want to use a different theme for your about page from you welcome kit. Vary your content but stay on brand and tell a story, your images should be self-explanatory.

Week Four - Planning for your variable visual content

  • Look at all the places where you post visual content that varies on a regular basis, this means all your social media accounts, blog posts, behind the scenes, featured clients etc...

  • Create another spreadsheet for your variable images content, with columns dedicated for each image location and numbers of images. This time you will have to consider how many times you publish content on your social media and blog, daily, weekly, etc...

  • Plan ahead for your posts, ideally 3-4 weeks and more for promotional marketing.

Download the spreadsheet here

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Week Five - Ideas for your static visual content

Your Must-haves pages with images:

  • About page show an image that invites to engage with you!

  • Homepage you want images with impact with a call to action what do you want your visitor to do next?

  • Social media profiles and banners keep consistency by showing the same image across all media

  • Marketing, brochure, pdf, newsletters choose images that support your copy

  • Portfolio, product images you want top notch images.

Week six - Ideas for your variable static visual content

  • Consider all the social media where you're posting

  • Choose a theme, a style about your posts and a purpose what do you want to say? i.e behind the scene, featured clients, introducing special offers?

  • Choose images that are on brand

  • Keep personal posts relevant

  • Plan ahead

Week seven - Tools to help you schedule your posts

  • Use facebook scheduling for posts on facebook

  • Hootsuite to schedule across a number of social platforms

  • Meetedgar to syndicate content and repost

  • Tailwind to schedule your pinterest posts

  • Planoly to create beautiful grids and schedule Instagram posts

Week 8 - Where to find images for your brand

  • Hire a professional photographer to create custom designed content with photos and video

  • Buy stock photos by carefully selecting your photographer, make sure their style fits your brand

  • Remix existing content with

Week 9 -How to create visual content for your brand

  • Create your own content with a camera rather than a smart phone

  • Shoot in manual mode and use natural light

  • Experiment

  • Use a tripod

  • Know the rules of third

  • Have a plan to create your images

  • Create with purpose

I hope you have enjoyed this series and found it helpful. Visit the archives to read all the posts again. Take the short survey, if you would like more similar content.

To take the hassle out of  planning your visual content I have created these worksheet for you! Get them here


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