Batch your content for consistent content marketing and keep your readers happy

As a solo entrepreneur, you are not only a manager, also a writer, photographer, designer, copywriter, moderator, planner, social media manager what else? Yeah, add the family manager, the housekeeper, the nanny, the PA, the travel organiser. HELP!

Let’s take a breath for a minute; let’s stop the panic. Today I’m inviting you to a more productive way of working by batching your content.

You can batch content for anything really, your marketing campaigns, newsletters, blog posts, podcasts, visual content etc.

Instead of writing your blog posts every Wednesday you dedicate a whole day just writing all your blog posts in one go, another day to create the graphics and visuals another to distribute your post.

Same with your newsletter, marketing campaign, if you know that you have a promotion coming up you want to prepare all your emails in advance.

I know that you have other tasks than creating content, to start I suggest you choose 1,2 days in your week just for batching content.

Here’s an example of how it could work for your blog or podcast. If you choose Monday then you will have

  • Monday One Research, researching topics, SEO, analysing titles to write a compelling blog title.

  • Monday Two Outlining the posts, with these guidelines in mind, use an opening goal to evoke interest, emotional connection with the reader, links to past blog post or opt-ins, what problem are you solving and what solution does the post give an answer to. Your call to action.

  • Monday Three – Write the post, with the post already outlined, the goals set, the problem, solutions outlined and the research done your post should flow must easier. Now focus on that writing to make it compelling.

  • Monday Four – Create all the graphics for your posts. I also mean shareable images for Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, use the pro tool from to resize your pictures in one click. To be consistent you can use the same graphics every week, if not change the image but keep the writing and graphics consistent for your audience to know it’s from you.

  • Monday Five – Share, schedule, distribute your content. Now that your posts are all ready do another round of proofreading and then schedule your posts, on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, write the newsletters.

To help you get organised, I recommend you write the process of batching your content down; you can use a tool like Trello to write down each step which Monday you’re doing what, same when you are working on a promotion, use your editorial calendar to work on your promotions well ahead. It will help you write blog posts and newsletters relevant to your launch, or promotion.

How many posts will you be able to write in advance? I would say around four to five, bear in mind that you might want a break from writing at some point. If you have some time left in the day use it to advance your other tasks like graphics or else, do not get lost on social media, stay focused.

I’m probably with the worst out there to stick to a routine, I loose focus very quickly. I’m like a butterfly. Somehow batching has worked for me; my blog posts are already drafted to end of May that’s what I would call an achievement. I like the idea that I don’t have to worry about what’s coming next on my blog and have some leeway to relax on the weekend not panicking on Sunday evening about what I am going to post for the next day.

I get you, you are human (me too), you might not always keep your schedule, and that’s fine but working ahead will not only make you more productive (how many hours lost just browsing around) give you more free time with your family and have extra peace of mind while you are on holidays how does that sound?

Have you tried batch working? How did you stick to a routine? Share in the comments.


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