Is it even worth to continue blogging? The answer is YES!


Blogging? Seems a thing of the past doesn't it? It’s all about social media and video these days, right? Not entirely, the old concept of blogging still has its value and here’s why.

Is it even worth to continue blogging? The answer is yes

Is it even worth to continue blogging? The answer is yes

SEO a big is your best tool to get found in searches, Google loves new and updated content and numbers since 2009 show that they have been pushing your blog, 60 to 62% of your site search traffic goes to your blog. Look through your google analytics what pages get the most traffic on your site, if you’re not blogging then your blog might not get a lot of traction, I for sure get the most traffic through my blog posts.

Put your effort into content marketing

Content marketing is still king, writing useful content is the best way for a targeted audience to find you, why? Because they are looking to solve a specific problem, if you give them the answer with your blog posts guess what? They will find you and connect with you to start building a relationship with you this is a great way to build you sales funnel.

Connect with the right tribe

Blogging is all about serving and giving value to build the know, love and trust factor. With a blog you can invite people to subscribe to your newsletter and share regular content with them. As you well know you have to serve about 90% of the time and sell 10%. An email list is the best way to get conversion as you’ve already developed a relationship with your audience and they are getting value from you.

You will have a library of content

The content in your blog is like a library you can repost, re-share, use part of your blog post as Instagram caption, write an ebook from it. The idea is to dedicate 20% of your time writing content and 80% promoting it. It’s a reality that not many people will see your blog post; your email list, some people on Facebook and Instagram. Make the most of your posts by also pinning your post with different images on Pinterest, publish it on Medium. When you write a new post, link your information to previous posts and update old post on a regular basis even just rewriting a paragraph will be considered as new content by Google. Make the most of this content and let me know what you think about blogging is it dead or not?

Rachel xx