Make Testimonials work for your brand, share them on social media to create social proof


Testimonials are critical for your business; they are what we call social proof that your business is legit and help develop trust. For someone to work with you, they will first have to know, trust and love you so don’t bypass this essential step.

Use your past clients


Very kindly ask them if they would be happy to give a testimonial. To make even more effective, create a short client feedback questionnaire with a maximum of five questions. You will not only get a testimonial but understand what can be improved about your client experience, as well as get new ideas. If you have a local business make sure to ask your client to share a testimonial on Google reviews, the more reviews you get, the higher your ranking will be on Google search.

No clients yet?

Offer to collaborate with your ideal client, in exchange for a testimonial. When you offer to work for free or pro-bono, make sure that this is the type of client you want to work with you in the future, no point having a testimonial from someone that doesn’t fit your brand. Ideally, you want at least 2-3 testimonials. Explain that you are doing the work for them in exchange for a testimonial with a picture. You will need to ask them sign an agreement before you start working with them. This will protect you and your business. Be clear about what you will be providing and don’t over-promise or overdo it. You’re already delivering something of value, so no need to give too much.

State the benefits

When you ask for testimonials don’t just ask for kind words. Ask for the benefits they got from working with you or how did your work make a difference in their business, their life. You are selling value so you want more that just words that say it was a great experience, you want to know what makes you different. An easy way to do this is formulate questions in your questionnaire by asking how your services and/or products made a difference.

Where to post your testimonials?

Share them on all your social media platforms, have people writing reviews on Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn if these are relevant to your business. Post them on the home page of your website, make it short with a photo. It would be even better if you can get video testimonial. You can post additional testimonials on your about page, as well as your sale and landing pages. I recommend you develop your copy first and then add the testimonial at the bottom as a proof of what you just stated. Enhance the benefits of what your client gained working with you with your copy.

Word of mouth is the best way to get new clients and testimonials will help you develop trust and have people taking about you!

Rachel xx

Are testimonials critical for your business? How to do you promote them?