Ever thought of hosting a giveaway? here is how

Giveaways are a great way to build up brand awareness and grow you email list. With giveaways, you are giving away your time and money, so you want to make sure that what you’re giving away will attract the right audience and serves its purpose.



Focus on the end goal

What do you want to achieve with this give away?

  • More followers on Instagram, Facebook?

  • Increase your mailing list?

  • Get testimonials for a new product you’re launching?

You have to adapt your copy according to the end game. You can write a small post to share your giveaway on social media, (Facebook, Instagram) and a longer sales page on your blog, website or landing page for email sign ups.

Work on your copy

Be clear about what you’re giving away. Make it easy to understand and sell the benefits. Be clear on what the giveaway is and what your audience is getting. How will it transform their life, business etc… Don’t forget to add visuals to your copy for easy attention grabbing details. Images grab their attention first before they read your copy.

Find influencers to share your giveaway

To increase your giveaway impact and overall reach, find influencers that would be happy to share it with their audience. When you pitch to an influencer, make sure that you sell them the benefit of your giveaway offering. Tell them that what you have to offer is complementary to what they already offer to their audience.

Ask people to share the competition

Again this is to increase your giveaway impact. Ask people to share on various social media platforms to have an increased chance to win. You might have to check the names manually, or you can use a giveaway platform that does everything for you. It will even collect email addresses for you, but it does come at a price.

Raflecopter starts @$13 a month with no integration, there’s a free limited version to get you started.
Easypromo option starts @ $29 / month
Shortstack starts @ $29 / month and you can a trial first
Wishpond starts @ $49/ month

I haven’t used any of these platforms, but they might be super helpful if you’re planning a lot of contests. For a small business, I don’t see them very valuable in the beginning. You will have to see if these providers are worth your money, as they might be too general for your niche. Also, if it’s your first giveaway, it’s certainly best to do everything yourself or get help from your PA to test the water and see what needs to be improved for your next one.

Be upfront with your terms and conditions

Be sure to check the legality of doing a competition or giveaway. Make sure the people who sign up have the option to accept to receive your email, as you have an obligation to do this under GDPR rules in Europe. Make it clear if you require them to give a testimonial with a photo or video and provide a link they can easily find on your website. When you share on your social media, state that the giveaway is not endorsed by Facebook, Instagram, etc.

You also need to display the rules of your giveaway on your website and make it clear that if they enter they accept the terms and conditions. I am not a lawyer, so when in doubt check with a pro.

What is your type of contest?

A sweepstakes is a winner chosen at random, no purchase necessary.

A contest is where the winner is chosen on merit. An example would be asking the participants to respond with how your services would make a difference for them in their life and then select the winner based on the biggest impact you can make or based on which story you like best.

The Giveaway

  • Identify the prize and the monetary value, what do they get, how much is it worth?

  • State the duration, by when do they have to enter

  • Who can enter, make it obvious that’s for 18+

  • How the winner is chosen, random, best story, out of a hat, etc…

  • How the winner will be notified, how soon will they know, and how you will contact them via email, phone?

  • How will the prize be delivered, give a time frame, if it’s a physical object like a book, mention a time frame for the delivery.

Make it easy to enter

The more complicated it is to enter the fewer entries you will get. Think of your target audience, you want to make sure that the entrants are people you want on your list. Use your social media as a promotional tool to share the giveaway. Create a specific hashtag for your giveaway and ask them to follow your account and like your post for more chances to win.

If all else fails have a back up plan

If you didn’t get the results you expected on your first try, learn from it, and try again.

Have you been successful with your own giveaways? Tell us in the comments.

Rachel xx

ps. Stay tuned I’m currently working on a giveaway for you!