serve your audience create a resource library


A resource page is precisely what it says on the tin. A dedicated page on your site, on which you can share recommendations of the products, apps, tools and services you use in your business/daily life, a page where you display easy to access information in the opt-in form or any relevant topics to your audience they can find in one place. Ideally, you want the information available focused around your niche.

Serve your audience create a resource library

Serve your audience create a resource library

Add this information on a page rather than a post so that it can remain a central part of the site. You can also add the page in the navigation bar of your website and link it from other posts and pages.

You have some options when it comes to creating your resource page.

  • Create a ‘Start Here’ page. A start here page will help new visitors focus on key information on your site.

  • Resources and tools page. This is an extension to a Start here page. It will have your best resources on it and also your favourite tools. So it is a mix of a straight resource page and the start here page.

  • Focused resource page. This page could be dedicated to one single niche and you would share all the recommendations from vendors or partners you work with in your business. If you run a wedding blog you might focus on helping your bride finding the perfect venue. Or you could share all the tools you use to schedule your social media posts or else. Whatever you put on there it has to make sense to your audience.

  • It includes a range of products

The more helpful your resource page is, the longer people will hang around and the more often they will come back. So think of your topic as a whole and think of all related areas that you could recommend products in.

  • It’s built for your audience.

While I think it is important to share the tools you currently use, I also think it is important to share other tools (maybe ones you have used in the past). Remember your audience will be at a different level than you. Perhaps they would be a better fit for the entry level product you used to use.

  • It is updated periodically

Make sure you keep the page up to date and add in new tools/programmes/resources as you begin to use them or when you’re asked about something you haven’t yet listed.

Have you created a resource page on your website? If not create one now, it’s a great tool to serve your audience, and have them hanging around a bit longer on your website and give value for building those precious relationships.

Share your resources page in the comment if you have one, I would love to see it!

Rachel xx

PS. you can visit the Elegant Brand Resources Page here