In need of some inspiration look inside and outside your niche


Your business is a constant work of progress, which means that continuous learning and development are critical. Sometimes when you’re so focused on your niche, networking with the same group of people, your creativity might stall at some point and your focus becomes pretty limited on the horizon line. How can you rekindle your creativity and go fishing for new ideas? It might be time to open your circle and expand your horizon.

in need of some inspiration? Look inside and outside your niche

in need of some inspiration? Look inside and outside your niche

Start with your niche

The circle of business partners you collaborate with, the network you belong to might still have some opportunities you haven’t explored yet because you had preconceived ideas about what could work for your business and not.

Change your limiting beliefs to what if? Next time you have a meeting with one of your business partner set your preconceptions aside and let them speak, listen, don’t talk be fully present in the conversation and an opportunity you didn’t even think of might come up in the conversation.

Are you always talking to the same people during network meetings, like with others creatives, wedding industry specialists, and you’re avoiding the accountant like the plague? That accountant might have a completely different insight into your business than someone who knows you already well. Be brave and start talking to non similar business people inside your network, listen, connect even before you’re thinking they will never buy my services. They might have your dream client in their network. So be open!

Outside your circle

Need ideas to offer new services to your client, provide a different client experience than everyone else in your industry? Then look outside your niche, each time you buy a service or product somewhere think what I could apply to my business? You might consider using incentives for referrals while no one is doing that in your industry, be a pioneer and make it work for your business, offer something of meaning to a client who would be happy to share their experience of working with you, with people they know.

Next time you stay in a boutique hotel pay attention to the details, how did they welcome you, what gifts did you receive, how was the staff, where you asked about the experience? If you don’t provide a client feedback form it might be time to offer one to your clients to improve your services, products and overall experience.

Hang around with younger or older people

Your business network developed around university friends, work colleagues, friends and you’re freaking out at the idea of hanging around with millennials or think that older people are annoying and lost in time. Forget about it; age is just a number, these millennials might have great ideas to boost your business and bring some action into your business by shaking things up a little. If you’re looking to extend your team why not hire someone much younger than you who will open your business to a new audience? Same with hiring someone older, they could give you a great insight into expending your audience.

Expand your creative inspiration

Always browsing through the same magazines, visiting the same exhibitions to boost your creativity? Make it more comprehensive and look into movies, magazines from different countries, magazines on a different subject. I’m not asking you to buy these magazines every week or month but from time to time. The idea is for you to stay inspired and not getting too comfortable in your creative routine!

Take a break from everything and just let it flow

As a solo entrepreneur, I’m guilty of working weekends, during the holidays etc. This constant buzz doesn’t give me much space to develop my creativity or new ideas. Have you noticed that it’s often when you are lounging next to the swimming pool that new ideas sprung up? You’ve finally given some space to your brain to process all the stuff you’ve been working on and not rushing to the next idea. Allow yourself space to breathe, rest, and do nothing some amazing ideas will sparkle!

How are you expanding your creative ideas? Share in the comments!

Rachel xx