The key lessons in branding and why it's important


Branding is a subject I fell in love with, no surprise there, in the book that I am about to launch next month I will introduce you to all the business failures I have experienced and how I’ve learned branding the hard way.

What I love about branding is that it’s about you, your story and what makes you unique as a brand. There’s no better way to stand out than showing what makes you unique and that’s your branding’s job!

Branding is key to give a clear, concise message to your audience, your brand should explain what you do, for whom, for what benefit, then on top you can add your special resources mix, the experience you’re giving to your client, why they should work with, what is different.  

Branding will help you build long term relationships have an audience that adheres to your story. When you are very clear about your brand, you understand your audience, your communication is focused on solving the problem they are struggling with. It all makes sense like A+B=C.

The key lessons in branding and why it's important

The key lessons in branding and why it's important

So what are the key lessons from branding?

Here are 6 important lessons for you

A strong brand has got a good name and logo.

When you set up your business think about the name, don’t just buy a domain name, test, ask around. One of the first business I launched was called Chiffons et Breloques while it looked like a cute name it was impossible to pronounce for English speakers to the point that I wanted to hide each time someone asked for my business’ name. Also it sounded so long with 6 syllables, why didn't I even make it more complicated?? Your name is important, sometimes your first and last name are the best ideas. When you choose a name consider.

  • What you want to do with your company, the name can give some clues about what you do.

  • What first impression will your name give to your ideal audience.

  • How are you standing out from your competition?

  • Are you planning to expand, sell your business?

Have a purpose

Your business is not just a business, you’re a brand with a story behind it. Which means there’s a reason why you’ve set up this business and why you want to serve your customers. Your main purpose is not the money but WHY you’ve set up! Explain this in your brand statement, make it part of your branding. Your purpose is your differentiation, with your business you’re not only serving your audience you’re making a difference in people’s life with a transformation, giving back or else.

Be memorable

Don’t just sell, build relationships, to start selling your audience needs to know, trust and love you first. So build a tribe first and serve it, educate it, give as much as you can before bombarding them with a sales pitch.

Be consistent 

What a delicious word. The basics of branding. Always put yourself in your clients shoes and check your brand’s consistency on each touch points (website, social media, brochure, opt-in etc…) Create a branding style kit as a reference guide and keep your brand consistent, with all elements, branding, copy, logo, images, colours, speaking from one voice.

Create an experience for your client

From the first contact/message to the last interaction, create an amazing experience for your clients. Test each step a client goes through when working with you, what can they expect, how do you want them to feel? Create a client experience reference guide to offer a consistent experience, don’t forget to keep in touch after the sale, your clients are your best referral and more likely to buy from you again!

Be human don’t hide behind your logo

That’s for you my dear. don’t hide, show your self. People buy people, even if you plan to grow your team, you will always be the face behind the brand, this is what makes your brand as unique as you are.

What is the biggest take you’ve got from your branding?

Rachel xx

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