How to tweak your website to make a lasting impression


Website? You might think is having a website it still flavours of the month? I don’t need a site, social media will do!

You've got a point, but social media is only one touch point, imagine social media disappears tomorrow, where can your followers find you?

Your website is your home it’s your shop window, where followers, prospective clients, can find out more about you. It is your kingdom where you can set the rules and present yourself. How do you make the most of having a website and making a lasting impression, for people to come back to it?

How to tweak your website to make a lasting impression!

How to tweak your website to make a lasting impression!

Mobile ready

Make sure your website works on different devices, mobile browsing is overtaking desktop browsing, so test your site on a mobile phone, how do the text and images display? All the fancy layering on your website might not work or look weird on a mobile phone screen. Most of the website templates, Wordpress, Squarespace are mobile ready it’s worth testing the outlook through to give a great first impression!

Use a show stopper image

You only have 8s maybe less to stop the viewer in their track, welcome them with a great image telling your brand story. It could be you in the picture, or else, but make sure it tells a great story for your viewers wanting to know more about you and keep browsing through your website to learn more about you and what you do.


People don’t know you. What you’re aiming for this first visit is for a prospective client to get to know and trust you. The latter will be essential wanting to learn more about you and maybe buy your services. People are connecting via a screen and not talking to you directly. Testimonials will be the human touch behind the brand, vouching for you and the client experience you provide. Testimonials are a great way to build trust you want your viewer to stumble upon them from the start!


Keep it simple stupid! I said it, and I'm not the one calling you stupid!

The acronym is a useful reminder that simple is usually best. When creating your website you’ve been interacting with it so many times, either building it yourself or with the help of a designer you know every page by heart, how to navigate it. Your eyes are used to it!

Have your website tested by new eyes, you can use a platform like usertesting to have a panel of users testing your site and giving you feedback or you can ask your tribe.

Put yourself in your ideal client’s shoes what are they looking for, what answers/ solutions, to which problem would they like to find answers for? Stay in the logic of the user, I understand it’s not always easy to choose between design and functionalities but working with a graphic designer might be the best solution to combine both.

Cohesive branding

Be consistent across all your pages with your fonts, images. Make sure your viewer doesn’t wonder if they’ve left your website, when they suddenly open a new page with a black background, different fonts or images with a completely different vibe, as I mentioned in last’s week blog post consistency across your branding is critical to exude professionalism and setting yourself as the expert.

Call to action

You want a call to action at the end of each page, don’t let your visitors hanging on there, not knowing what to do next. Guide them to visit more pages, invite them to sign up for your mailing list, encourage them to book a complimentary consultation. Imagine your website as a tool to engage the conversation, building a relationship to serve your ideal client.

Be clear from the start about who you serve

Set the standards from the beginning tell your visitors what you do and who you serve, the problem you solve and the benefit they can expect working with you. Not only will you decrease your bounce rate in google analytics but connect with your ideal audience from the start.

Yes, you will deter some people from the start good for you! It also means that you know who you’re serving and are very clear about it, no messing about, helping everyone and no one! Being clear from the start means being an expert and a pro! That will give a great first impression and make a lasting one as well.

These are straight forward tips to implement, sometimes we’re so excited to build a new website ( the creator in me is every time!), and we forget about the end user. Work on your branding first when designing a website, set the brand styling foundations and keep your ideal client in mind. Then test and collect feedback to improve your client experience.

What was your biggest challenge when you launched your website, share in the comments!

Rachel xx

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