How to Use Visuals to Attract Your Dream Client

One element a lot of small business owners struggle with is encouraging their dream client to interact with their brand. Posting engaging visuals that say something about your brand and tell a story is a great way to invite your ideal audience to join your tribe and connect with you.


Here’s a few ways in which you can find your target audience, and be ready to convert them into paying customers when you do find them, using visuals to attract your dream client...

Define Your Dream Client

The first step is to define who your target market really is. If you don’t know who you’re looking for from the start, it’s unlikely that you will find them. Think about exactly who the type of person that would use your services or buy your products would be, and what they might like to see to capture their attention.

Get Pinning

A resource that is often overlooked is Pinterest. The image pinning platform can actually be an amazing tool to drive highly targeted traffic, particularly for lifestyle brands.

Pinterest is of course all about visuals. In creating beautiful images to promote your products and your content, you can drive traffic through to your website when people search for exactly what you offer. Remember to add descriptions to your boards and pins, using keywords to ensure that those looking for your pins find them.

Create a Visual Reference Kit

In reference to last week’s blog post, creating a brand vision reference kit is a great way to stay on brand with everything you put out there with beautiful images to capture your audiences attention. This will help you stay consistent and plan ahead for what to post instead of walking in the dark!

Create Cohesive Social Media Profiles

Images are so important across your social media. Creating a cohesive style will make your content instantly recognisable, and will go a long way to encouraging comments, likes, clicks and social shares. Visuals play a huge role in this, and should always be used when publishing content across social media. Don’t forget to look for your dream client in Facebook groups too. There are thousands of ready made groups, a handful of which may already contain a ready-made audience of your ideal client. Publish image led posts in Facebook groups to get more eyes on your content.

Offer a Visually Beautiful Freebie

One we tend to neglect with visuals are opt-in guide and workbooks. They are a great way to present your brand to a new audience . Be inviting, engaging add images of you, your business try to avoid too many stock images as this is the place where your audience is ready to learn more about you!

Freebies are a great way to gain more leads and build your email list, they also provide a great hook to drive traffic through from social media and groups.

Freebies should be downloadable, and can include guides, workbooks and challenges. Your freebie should be on brand, and aesthetically pleasing in order to encourage your audience to download it in the first place, and come back to you wanting to know more about you.

What strategy will you use next to put your visuals in front of your ideal client? If you ask me I would suggest working on your freebies this is the place where you’re already captivating a warm audience ready to learn more about you so wow them over with great visuals!

Rachel xx

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