3 Reasons Why Beautiful Visuals Aren’t Just Important on Instagram

When it comes to our business Instagram accounts we are all super meticulous. Taking ages to find the perfect images to fit our brand aesthetic, there are even tools that let you play around with images on your feed, to make sure you’re happy with the overall look before you publish anything.


We are all creating beautiful Instagram feeds, being so aware of the look and feel of everything we publish, but somehow that doesn’t translate into other elements of our businesses. I’m here to show you just how important visuals are across the entirety of your brand, and how to use them to create success…

1. Visuals Capture Attention

Imagine scrolling through your feed on Facebook and seeing posts published with images, and some just written text, which ones are you most likely to pay attention to? The answer for almost everyone is the posts published with images. This is why Facebook even introduced a way of publishing written posts as colourful images – because images gain more attention.

The same goes for other mediums too – imagine a website without any images, a blog post that’s just endless text to work through, images are so important to capture that initial attention, and not just on Instagram.

2. They create a lasting impression

The reason why millions of businesses invest big money into branding, logos, colour schemes and photography is because this helps them to create a brand identity that sticks in peoples’ minds. The key is to get noticed, by your dream customer, for all the right reasons. Visuals help do just that, and they build a much stronger lasting impression than text alone might do.

3. They communicate something about your brand instantly

As humans, we decide very quickly whether we are interested in something or not. You have just a few seconds to encourage someone to read on, click through, comment or share your content. Images help us understand quickly whether something resonates with us and is of interest to us. For example, if your target market is millennial women, it’s unlikely you would publish an image of a middle aged man. Visuals help us work out quickly whether something is aimed at us or not, and if it’s of genuine interest.

This means that you can specifically target your dream client through the visuals that you use, and communicate so much about your brand, just through imagery.

It’s clear to see that beautiful imagery is super important on Instagram and beyond.

Rachel xx

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