Visualise Your Brand Identity: Creating Your Brand Mood Board


If you have been following me for some time, you know that I have been boasting about creating brand consistency and one way to achieve consistency usually, overlooked is having a strong brand identity.

Launching a business is always the exciting part, and often we want to go on with it, putting ourselves out there without too much thinking, it feels like taking a jump and seeing what happens next. That is what I did anyway. Unfortunately being so keen to show myself to the world was also giving a confusing message by not being strategic enough with my brand identity. I want to avoid you the hassle I’ve been through and invite you to develop a strong vision of your brand. You will not only be a magnet for the client you want to attract also stand out in a crowded market!

Imagining what your brand should look like, jotting down notes and scouring the internet for ideas is a good start when it comes to creating your brand identity, but there comes a time when you should make your ideas a reality. A brand mood board is a great way to get clear on your brand identity and exactly what you want to communicate to your dream client. Once you have this in place, your business will quickly become visually stronger, creating a lasting impression on your ideal customer. Read on to discover how to build your brand mood board, in three simple steps..


Use a Template

The first step to create your mood board is to use a template. In using a pre-made template that provides all of the space and the focus areas that you need, will make creating your brand identity a little bit easier. Using a digital template also allows you to switch things out with ease, trying different colour schemes, fonts and visuals until you find the exact look you have in mind for your business. Try my Brand Vision Canva template to get started, which allows you to add your logo, up to five colours to create your palette, four different fonts and more. Find out more here.

Create a Colour Palette

The next step is to create your colour palette, which will help create a strong visual identity for your brand. If you don’t have any colours in mind, try searching through images on Pinterest or Instagram that resonate with your brand. Come up with a few keywords to help you do this, and note down any colour combinations you feel inspired by
as you go. Once you have a few colours in mind, Design Seeds is a great tool to use for creating a strong palette of shades that work well together. Creating a palette that stands out but is also aesthetically pleasing is key here.

Don’t be Afraid to Experiment

Play around with colours, images and fonts. Try a few elements that you might not have considered, and see how everything comes together. Sometimes switching something up, such as one of the colours in your palette, or one of your fonts to something a bit bolder pulls everything together. The Canva template is a great tool to play around and get a feel for what works, until you finally feel that all the elements are working together.

Once you have created your perfect brand identity mood board, you can download it and use it as a reference for all of your visuals and your artwork in the future.

Having a clear vision of your brand identity will help you stay consistent with everything you put out there. The template will work as a quick reference for all the visual content you’re planning to share on your website and social media platform.

I would love to hear from you how you getting on creating a strong visual brand identity what is your biggest challenge?

Rachel xx