Why I am taking a creative break this summer

The summer holidays are here, and this makes me very happy! How does the idea of a holiday make you feel? The spring and summer have been incredible so far in the UK; we finally have a proper summer with hot and scorching temperatures which are quite unusual I have to say not this year though, we're having our share of summer in London.

I have decided to take a break over the next few weeks, looking forward to switch off and continue feeding my creativity. Before I go I want to thank you for your tremendous support this year it means the world to me.

Why I am taking a creative break this summer.png

When 2018 started I hardly had any travel plans and thought this year would be quieter than last not so, I already did photoshoots in Strasbourg and Seville and will continue travelling until the end of 2018. 

The time has come for me to take a break from it all though why?  As a creative I need time off to feed my creativity, give myself time to continue learning, taking a break from social media, and focusing on feeding my creative soul. I will come back to you in September with fresh new ideas to share, to help you stand out with your brand. I promise myself not to check my emails more than once a week!

I'm looking forward to taking time off with the family, we are off to Portugal a country I've never been, looking forward to being inspired, I will also attend a styling, and editorial photography workshop with well know and very talented stylist and photographer pair Branco Prata based in Porto. 

The idea of taking a break sounds scary, I would highly recommend it, all year long we have to tackle the business side, creating new content, spreading the word with little time to feed our creativity and mess about with it! Make the summer holidays an exceptional time to explore your creative side, relax, feed your soul, don't set any expectations and go with the flow to give yourself some head space and reconnect with what is essential

Have a beautiful summer; I am looking forward to catching up with you in September.


Rachel xx