How to connect and grow your tribe - part two

Last week I started to write about how to connect and get more engagement from your tribe. 

This week I invite you to expand your reach with more ideas, to help you engage and connect with your audience, and this week we will be focusing on collaborating with influencers and businesses that are complimentary to yours. 

I'm an introvert by nature, I love spending time on my own, writing, living in my bubble at the same time I love people, I just have to find the right balance. I'm useless, really rubbish at small talk and feel awkward when going to network meetings.

I'm always in awe of people who have so much to say and keep the conversation going! I'm fine with it now, it took me a long time to accept that I was not the buoyant and outgoing personality out there, it's just not me and feel so much better not pretending.

On the other hand I'm a fantastic listener and this is a great tool to have! (embrace your strengths woman!)

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What I see is that most influencers, successful coach, entrepreneurs, creatives, are all working together to promote their business and this is telling me something.

If I discovered that networking was not for me, it didn't stop me reaching out to influencers and people I want to collaborate with. Even if you're the most introvert person out there, when you have a business you're so passionate about, you have the energy that will push you to reach out to new people, they might say no but some will also say yes, it worked form  me at the beginning of this year when I was featured as one of the speaker at the Creative Launch Summit hosted by Copper Kettle. 

I'm also currently in talks with another influencer to talk about visual content on video. I took me a long time to realise that staying in my own little bubble is not going to cut it.

Business is build on trust and relationships, if no one knows you they won't trust you either. This gorgeous brand of yours deserve more attention so lets' get going. 

When you're looking to collaborate you have to be strategic about it. 

Collaborating often means no money exchange, make sure when you embark on a collaboration, guest blogging, speaking on podcasts that there's something in it for you, you also want to look for a business that is complementary with what you offer and understand their audience. 

i.e Is the audience right for your brand? What is the agreement? Will they promote your posts, interviews, can you have access to their mailing list?

Collaboration can also work for physical products, if you're selling art work, have your work featured at your local framer, work with a local organic farm to create a calendar, think outside the box and beyond your reach for ways to promote your services and products being part of something bigger than your brand. 

If you're a photographer work on a personal project, get involved with charities, a make up artist, offer your services at the local hairdresser salon, give free session vouchers. 

Before you start running like a headless chicken ( that's typically me when I have a new idea!). Stop and think, create a plan, start with 5 people you would like to work, collaborate with, look on their website if they have a process for guest blogging, invite them for coffee start talking, send them a DM on Instagram, aim for that win win relationship.

When you start talking to them, do some research and angle your offer to what's in it for them.

I hope you've found this inspiring, I love to hear more about your ideas on collaborating, what has worked for you?

Rachel xx


PS. I am always interested to take part in guest blogging or podcast interviews if you think the Elegant Brand would be great education for your audience get in touch!