How to develop visual content from your brand story - part two

After last's week post, I will help you find more ideas to develop visual content from your brand story.
How did you get along with the ideas I shared with you last week? I hope that I managed to sparkle some visual content ideas for you?
As a reminder, we talked about developing visual content from YOU, your products and services, presenting your team, the behind the scenes.

How to create visual content from your brand story_part two.jpg


The Client experience

This week, we will focus on developing visual content from your client experience, why not create a film, from a client’s perspective, using one minute interview snippet videos to answer your FAQ's in a interview style, i.e. the type of client you work with, the problems you solve. You can also develop an entire story focused on the experience, from the moment a prospective client comes across your brand, to what you can do for them and the benefit / outcome they can expect working with you. Navigate them through the process, how it feels coming onboard, how they will be served.

Focus on the details

Details are a great way to create visual content, creating an atmosphere for your brand story. I.e the image I used to illustrate this post. It doesn't say much but it's strong, powerful and sets the scene, perfect for adding text to it.
By showing details for your story about an object on your desk, flowers on a table, a book, a magazine, you leave the image open to interpretation for the viewer to develop their own story. You want to involve the viewer and have them wanting to know more about your brand story. Don’t make the images completely abstract, make sure they convey meaning, a message for them.


Feature the locations you work from

If you are serving clients on location and abroad make the most of these places to tell your brand story. 
People love to travel with you via images, invite them to move with you, get them involved in your work, show how you’re helping clients in different locations. Develop visual content, starting from the moment you arrive at this new location, show the area, the set up you working on, get into details and you will have enough content for 2-3 weeks for your social media.

I hope that these two blog posts will have sparkled your creative juices to develop visual content for your brand story.

Rachel xx