Niche Down!

I was watching a talk by Seth Godin the other day, I have to say the guy fascinates me. I have been following him since he published his book The Purple Cow, which encouraged me in being a big fish in a small pond rather than a small fish in a big sea. 

His talk was rather refreshing, authentic and inspiring, I want to share his insights with you and hope you will feel as inspired as I was.


In a previous blog post, I spoke about a massive shift in marketing, where we see people not interested to buy products anymore, why? Because products and services that can be reproduced ad vitam aeternam, don’t stand out, which means that when people buy a product, they buy the cheapest. If I need something and someone can do exactly the same thing for cheaper, guess which one I will choose? 

Products and service have become commodities, when we buy a product we're looking for functionality, there’s no connection if you sell a product, you can just click and buy, goodbye. 

Now if you’re struggling with your business standing out, facing fierce competition, I feel for you! The internet has opened up a lot of opportunities but also to your competition.

How many florist, photographer’s, graphic designers, wedding planners? There’s a lot of us out here, a lot yes! 

The good news my friend is that the culture (society) has changed, what will make you stand out is a connection and how do you connect and engage with prospective clients?  By telling a story rather than selling a product. The story doesn’t stop there; your story is critical but also the audience you want to work with and what Seth said will strike you.

The only way to get noticed is to be unique and the only the way not to be average is to make it for a few people.
When you are the only one, you’re not sorted by price. The way you will win is by targeting the smallest possible audience, the lowest you can live with, you will delight these people with the special thing only you can deliver.”

So on my mission to help you create a consistent brand this week, I will ask you to have a close look at what you deliver and to whom?

How can you be even more specific
More specialist
State openly who you're serving, this has to come across in your branding
Can you skim through non-relevant, products, services or take them off your the navigation bar on your home page?

Once you’ve narrowed down your offering, who you’re serving and what your speciality is, get even more specific about your audience. I will ask you to be ruthless ( and it might be tough to hear, I get it, all your hard work, beautiful images who have to bin), look at your website, portfolio, delete everything which leads to confusion and is not about the client you want to serve. Remember this is not about showing  all your skills it's about helping your ideal client with that something special only can do for them.

 Trust me, it will make a difference to your google analytics of how long a prospective client will browse through your website, once you made your site easier to navigate and less cluttered, don't forget you only have, what? 3 seconds to entice and be very clear about what you do and for whom, so don't be scared, be bold with your brand, openly state, I help these people with ...  to.... ? A confused mind will always say no! Clarity will make you stand out!


Rachel xx

PS. Does it scare you to niche down?