How to develop visual content from your brand story - Part One

Last week I started to introduce the topic of brand story and how to gear your story towards impact. The beautiful thing about brand storytelling is that it allows you to develop a lot of ideas for visual content. 

How to create visual content from your brand story

When I say lots of ideas, I encourage you to develop them from your brand story it's like working on a blank canvas.

Start to brainstorm ideas for your brand story.

Here are some ideas for you to work from to develop visual content, you can either create it yourself, have a stock of images on your phone that are good enough to use (the quality of your images has to match your brand), have content created for you or buy stock images. Once you understand what kind of images you want to tell your story, you’re already halfway there. 

Start with you

When you work from your brand story start with YOU. I come across so many brands where there are hardly any images of YOU, the person behind the brand. Don't you feel frustrated when browsing a website, eager to learn more, only to be welcomed by images that don't say much about the person behind the brand? What makes a brand story stand out is not just the story but YOU the soul behind it. 
I get that you don’t like to show yourself either in photograph or video forget about how you look in images think about creating a connection, developing a relationship, give more of yourself to your audience. 

Your product/ services

Your products and services are an excellent sources of visual content; I'm not talking about images that you use to sell your products, I'm talking about using these products and services to create a visual story from it. Use them to style images, to inform your clients about what they will receive,  be informative, inspirational rather than selling, your aim is to create emotion, connection and how they solve a problem.

Your team

If you have a team working with you, feature them in your story, make them come alive in more than just a few headshots, have them stand out with their unique skills. You want your ideal audience connecting with them showing that everyone in your brand is working towards the same goal to help them solve their problem, your team is part of what I would call your brand DNA.

Behind the scene

This scene allows you to create a great story, we all love a behind the scene, how many time have you dreamed about being behind the scenes, at a fashion show, designer house, a brand you admire? Imagine how your audience feels about your brand? They would love being part of the game, an insider. It will help you connect with your audience at a higher level; people are not buying products or services they are buying a story, make it appealing, heartwarming connected for your audience. 

Next week I will develop even more ideas for you, stay tuned comments blog post you would like developed on the subject.

Rachel xx