How to create a brand story with impact

Storytelling is big in marketing these days, I am not surprised, who doesn’t love a story? A story binds us together, makes us vibrate and emotional, with so much competition out there it's a sure way to stand out! But for a brand story to be relevant and make sense to your ideal client, you need to follow a few steps.

How do you build a brand story?

You might be wondering what’s my brand story? Be reassured everybody has one. If you don’t know where to start, start with your WHY? Why does your brand/business exist in the first place? If you’ve left a corporate job it’s because this job was not serving you anymore, your purpose changed and you felt a calling for a more significant meaning.

So work from that. If you still feel lost, work from existing brands, the reason we admire so many brands is not only for their products but the philosophy behind it, these brands know precisely how to hone their story and who they’re talking to.

Understand why they're appealing to you? What stands out in their story? Now, try to do the same with your brand, if you’re still stuck ask existing clients why they choose to work with you?  

Understanding your why and values will help you elaborate your brand story and help you stand out, so this is an important step.

Make your brand story relevant to your audience.

For that, you need to be crystal clear who you’re talking to? What do I mean by that?

Who is your ideal client, what kind of problems do your product and services solve for them, read in more details about your ideal client blog post here.

Once you’re clear about your ideal client, you have to make sure that your brand story aligns with your ideal client.

i.e. you don’t sell a Burberry Mac Coat the same way as one from Zara; they are both coats but different in craftsmanship, quality, experience, expectations and price point. Make sure that the value you align with your brand story, match your ideal audience.


Our good old friend called consistency is again key in making your brand story relevant. When your message is inconsistent you not only lose momentum but impact, your message has to be consistent over all touch points and channels your ideal client comes across with your brand or your brand story will be completely irrelevant.

Be authentic

Clients have a radar for confusing messages, inconsistent stories, don’t try to emulate someone you’re not, acknowledge the YOU in your brand, stand up for your values, you might not be as successful yet as your competition but being authentic will have you winning the game over every time. We crave an authentic story; we want to connect with someone who is true to their values. Don’t forget this isn't a sprint but a marathon and being consistent is your biggest asset.

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Rachel xx