Welcome to the Fascinating World of Content Marketing

I just watched a documentary about the emergence of content marketing by the content marketing institute and it was fascinating. Why?

Because the old ways of doing marketing, using persuasion, being the one who speaks the loudest, having all the attention, these over the top in your face tricks do not work anymore. Why? Because marketing used to be based on disruption. They worked when you had to watch the disruption when there were only a few TV or radio channels, the internet has changed all of this. 

The fascinating world of content marketing - welcome to the new ways of doing marketing

The direct connection via the internet has opened a whole new world to consumers. Customers have now access to a heap of information and will choose what they want to read about, not what you have decided to put out there. If all the content you put out there doesn't have focus and purpose it will be lost. That's why you have to understand your audience when you launch your brand, you have to choose a niche and be focused.

Nobody cares about your products and services, your focus is to connect with your audience by showing that you care and have their interest at heart, it's not about the product or service that you're selling but about what keeps them up at night. Work from the information and issues they're looking to solve. Have a deep understanding of the buyer you're trying to reach. 

Integrate yourself into things that are valuable to them, manifest your interest by showing, doing stuff that matters to them, it's not just about words and pretty pictures it about publishing content with a purpose. 

This opens up a lot of opportunity to people that are genuinely interested in others, want to make a difference to others and have put their heart into their business. If you love what you do this should help you publish content on a regular basis, imagine the opportunity of developing your own media company, of course, you're not there yet but imagine the possibles, having your own TV Channel?

Before you rush renting new offices and hiring a team for your dream media company, let's go back to reality with a summary of

what you have to look for when publishing content.

  • Care about your audience

  • Understand your audience, what keeps them up at night

  • Ask your audience what they want to read about

  • Plan your content, for the next 3, 6, 12 months, be flexible though

  • Develop stories with different angles for your audience, show the behind the scene, a client experience, how you create your product or service?

  • Use storytelling to make it more engaging

  • Make it interesting

  • Be authentic, don't forget it's about people and having a personality, the narrative should be at the core of your business.

  • Your content is what will differentiate you from the competition

  • Content marketing is not a get quick rich scheme, it will take time, dedication, a lot of sweat and tears before you will see results but it's the future. High quality content will set you apart.

How are you getting along with content marketing, what results are you getting? What has worked so far and what doesn't?

Rachel xx