Why Brand Consistency is important & how to pull it all together

In my mission to help you create a consistent and distinctive brand, I will hopefully convince you to work towards brand consistency across all your brand touch points. 

What do I mean by consistency?


To ensure that you are consistent as a brand you need to include the following

  • Logo

  • Images

  • Brand voice

  • Copy

  • Mission

  • Fonts, graphics

  • Social media presence

They should all speak as one.  Imagine your brand elements singing together as a choir;  everyone is in tune and in harmony.  When you look at your website from afar the colours, the images, the fonts should work together not against other each other.   Imagine these brand elements as a group of people; a fantastic team each with a defined function, working together for the same goal and mission.  Got it?  Great!

How do you achieve consistency?

Hopefully, you've already read through the brand clarity blog post series?  If you're a visual person create a dashboard on your wall, your computer or use a Trello board. If not, use a spreadsheet to write all the elements down in a column and the brand touch points in raw.

Watch for branding inconsistency.

Look at all these existing elements on every platform that your brand is present. Is the logo the same everywhere? And, your image profile? Does it represent your brand? Delete posts and images on social media that are not relevant. You might have started your Instagram account with a lot of personal posts which have nothing to do with your brand - delete them.

Why do I ask you to do this?  Have you ever come across a website where even before reading the copy you can see it lacks consistency?  It seems the colour and fonts were chosen at random?  Did you trust what you were reading?  I wouldn't. Similarly, I wouldn't trust a website with dated content and a mix of images that are not on brand. Why not do a test?  Visit a website from a brand you admire and compare it to another website you came across where the branding was all over the place, looked very unprofessional and disorganised as if the business was still not sure who they were speaking to? 

Keep consistency with your visuals.

This might be more difficult to achieve if visuals are not your forte but, don't worry, it doesn't have to be painful! You need to look at the graphics and images on all your brand touch points (social media, articles, blog posts, print marketing, videos etc...) and make sure they match your brand style guide.

Creating a style brand guide will help you keep the hassle of knowing what to post at bay.  For a quick view, you can use the brand board I've created and discussed in last weeks' blog post.  You can put together a quick guide using your brand board by looking at every element one by one.

Don't forget your copy and brand voice.  If your images are enticing and tell a good brand story, prospective clients will want to read more about you. Develop your unique voice and speak to your ideal client. 

I know what you're thinking!   You've already posted lots of content on social media right back from the early days when you were just dipping your toes into the water and not clear about what, and who, your brand was for.  Be ruthless, and get rid of everything that doesn't serve your brand.  This will involve going through every platform deleting posts, images and checking for old logos to create a "clean image" of your brand.  It will not only make you look more professional but will also make you trustworthy and more inviting to connect with.  Got it?

Rachel xx

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