Make a statement with your brand


Having a brand is your opportunity to stand out and make a statement about what your business stands for. What if you haven’t got one? Or made one yet?

So what are brand statements? In a nutshell, it’s about telling what you do, not just hello I'm Maria, a designer. How do you think this information will stick with the person you’re talking to? Right? You’ve got it.

If you haven’t got a clear statement don’t worry, when asked about what I do, I used to say "I'm a photographer" I lost people’s attention as soon as they heard the word photographer as there are thousands out there, and could imagine them thinking oh another one!

Make a statement with your brand to stand out

It gets much more interesting if I say:

I am a visual storyteller creating visual content for brands focused on client experience. I work with brands that stand for being alive, in love and joy.

So let’s get onto your brand statement with a mission statement.

Start asking yourself:

  • What do I do, what do I provide?

  • For whom, which audience, who do I serve? Be specific

  • How do I help them and why do I care?

  • What’s your offer and why are you different from your competition?

Make it sound like a story, use words that imply visual, put yourself in your clients’ shoes, what would they like to hear, how can you make it appealing for people wanting to know more about you. Don’t forget to mention your name and where people can find you when talking to someone.

Add your brand statement to your home page, from the start say what your brand stands for, who you’re serving and what they can expect from you. Let’s put it into motion.

Who do you serve?

I.e. You are a bridal designer who serves brides who want a romantic yet modern look, able to move freely into their wedding gown and feel beautiful at the same time. They value craftsmanship and unique designs with subtle elegance.

What do you provide?

You create exceptional wedding dresses to cherish forever.

Why do you care?

When you got married, you were after something unique, vintage inspired but not too traditional, a bespoke design where you could add your creative touch but not at Haute Couture prices. You want to give your brides that same opportunity to feel special and have a unique look on their wedding day.

How is your offer different?

You give your brides the opportunity to stand out on their wedding day with a bespoke unique design, you work in collaboration with them to create a unique look just for them, based on their style and inspiration.

A brand statement doesn’t need more than 2-3 sentences. Streamline your sentences to make it more concise and then practice in front of your mirror, each time someone asks you what you do, make sure it’s memorable, make it easy, straight to the point and compelling. Practice with your friends and listen what they have to say about it.

Now it’s your turn leave your brand statement in the comments below.

Rachel xx

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