It's the new year, set your goals for the next 3,6,12 months to stay focused

The end of the year and the beginning of a new one are time for reflection, about what you have achieved and what’s next.

I recently talked to a friend who is looking to start her own business but doesn’t want to do something as dull as setting goals. Numbers and figures can sound boring, I agree, they also help you stay focused, be on track and adjust your trajectory.

To make it less boring, start working from a vision board and define how will you get there. Goals are a roadmap to help you get to the destination you’re aiming for and be strategic about it. Nothing happens by chance, if you don’t know where you’re going, you might lift off but then stay stuck after a while.

it’s the new year set your goals for the next 3,6,12 months and stay focused
  1. Review your past year

A good starting point to set goals for the new year is to look at your past year, what worked well, not so well, what can be improved. Even if you didn’t set goals in the previous year, you must have a good idea by now what your year looked like, only by having a glance at your accounts, where you’ve spent money, the client that booked you and how you balanced the numbers, did you make a loss? What needs adjusting?

Look at projects that haven’t happened yet, what would like more of, getting clear will help you set goals for the new year.

2. Set your goals

Start by creating your vision board, add some financials figures to it, be ambitious, this is just the beginning everything is possible.

Now, look at your vision board, what’s on there? New destinations, workshops you would like to attend? Clients abroad? What will you need to achieve that? How much money do you need for that, what are the numbers? You can write a rough figure for the year, how much you need to earn, the main achievements you want to reach. Don’t forget to add your personal goals, new learnings, travel, time off with the family

3. Break it down in smaller steps

Set up a financial projections spreadsheet. Work backwards from the numbers. Set a goal for the next twelve months then for each quarter, Q1,2,3, divide each goal into monthly figures.

Now take it down to the product and service level how much will each bring in each month, write the number of clients you need to achieve these sales next to it. It's a great starting point with a clear focus on where to start.

Once you have the numbers work on your marketing plan, who are your clients, who will give you money, how will you find them? What promotion do you need to work on to have i.e. 3 clients in January, 5 in February and 10 in March?

4. Check your resources

If it all looks too overwhelming, it indeed is. Look into the support you have to accomplish your goals, where do you need help? Social media, Facebook ads, a PA to organise your agenda? Get all the help you need; we are all becoming, marketing manager, editors, designers, social media manager of our business but we can’t do everything on our own. Look into outsourcing, streamlining and focusing your efforts.

5. Be flexible

Do some regular checks to see if you’re on track, something not working? Numbers can be changed, adapted, don’t be too harsh find a new solution or set up new goals. Is it all getting too much? Choose one area to focus on, work with a purpose and prioritise actions that are bringing you money rather than trying to revamp your website at the same time.

6. Celebrate

Achieved your three, six months, goals? Celebrate this milestone, treat yourself, you’re on track, and you deserve to celebrate your hard work. Keep up doing the work, keep focused, it's working for you, the sky has no limits.

What is the biggest goal you’re looking to achieve this year?

Rachel xx