10 ideas to help you develop a strategy to expand your brand

Congratulations you have a successful brand! What’s next then? Ok, hold on not so fast, first of all, it’s lovely to hear that your business is thriving and that your strategic thinking has paid off. As with everything in life comes a time where we need to evolve and change, so how do you do that with your gorgeous brand? Here are ten ideas to help you grow and continue to thrive with your business.


Get help - Hire a team

Now that cash is not an issue, and you’ve realised that you can’t handle all the clients' requests at once, prospect for new ones and keep your creativity flowing it might be time to get help so you can focus on what you do best!

Like with anything you’ve done in your brand, be clear on the type of person that fits your brand, be clear on your brand values and mission to write the job offer, and filter the candidate through these critical statements.

Before you hire anyone, make sure your branding style kit, client onboarding process manual are up to date, this will save you precious hours to explain everything again and again.

Extend your market

You’re ready to promote yourself to a new market, your product and services would be an excellent fit for this new market you’re thinking of. Do some research beforehand to adapt your copy to your ideal audience as the words, and language might not be the same. Connect with people in that market via social media, get people on your mailing list first. Test your opt-in with some facebook or Instagram ads. People aren't waiting for you, you will have to prove that what you offer is of great value to them, do your homework first.

Launch a new product/service

Survey your existing clients, social media audience, about what they would like to learn from you, what products, services would they like to buy from you? It's is a great way to tap into opportunities from people that are ready to buy from you.

Offer a one day workshop

A workshop is indeed a lot of work, and you might have to plan this 6-12 months ahead, as everything has to be top notch on the day. You want to wow your audience; you want to make them feel that they’ve learned something on the day that they couldn’t have learned elsewhere and get value for money. Again tap into your existing audience to research a topic for the workshop, prepare thoroughly, check the venue beforehand, focus on the details, get help with someone assisting on the day.

A workshop can be a great tool to set yourself as an expert in your field, increase your audience and set social proof via videos.

Offer an online course/ programme

Contrarian to the common belief that creating an online course is passive income I will tell you it isn't passive! Offering an online course can be of great value and benefit for your client and audience, for you it means a lot of work before, during and after so no passivity in that!

Another thing is that people will not buy an e-course from someone they don’t know unless it’s below a specific price tag which is low probably below a 100$, so if you’re thinking of selling your course with a substantial price tag $100+, you will need to create an audience first.

Only about 3% of the people on your mailing list will buy your course. To make a real profit out of this course, you need to build up your list first. Ideally, you want at least 10,000 people on it!

An online course is indeed a great way to diversify your strategy and extend your audience, setting you as the expert, be prepared to do the work though!

Grow your mailing list

While growing followers on Instagram and Facebook is ego boosting, I finally got a 1000 followers on Instagram! (ego-boosting alarm!!!) Don’t be fooled, social media is usually not the place to sell, your best bet is your mailing list, it makes sense to grow your list if you want to develop your offering with workshop, online programme, a retreat etc… Focus on the opt-ins that give you the best results invest in a lead page tool to create neutral sales pages, by neutral I mean with no reference to other pages on your website to avoid distraction. Create new opt-ins if necessary and use facebook ads. Facebook ads can be a great tool to build your list and quite a cheap way if you manage your campaign strategically.

Collaborate / Affiliate Marketing

Research any complementary business you could collaborate with to offer your services/product to your audience. Have an e-book to sell? Get influencers to promote it to their audience; your book might be exactly what their audience needs, you will get great exposure and sales as a result.

Collaborate with a business similar to the brands you would love to work with, then showcase the work you’ve done and pitch the brands you would like to work with showing that you’ve already done it!

Tap into your existing client and offer complementary products/services

Do they need more help on a specific project, more tailored services? Go beyond what’s expected, if you’re designing a collection for your client, work with a team and offer to create a look book with a photographer, a stylist etc. Create the whole package, be a one-stop solution shop for your client and take the hassle out of designing and visual content creation in one go.

Be a consultant

You’ve got a lot of expertise in your domain, why not sell your services at a more strategic level, help your client with business strategy, get hired to solve a problem and a solution at a higher level. Get engaged to do a talk at a conference.

Work with a coach

You’re stuck in a rut, your business is stagnating and your vision for the future pretty limited sometimes all we need is someone to hold space for us, gives us a different perspective to unblock our view, make us accountable for the goals we’re setting and helping us take action.

What is the best idea that would work to help your business take the next step?

Rachel xx

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