Why you Should Stop Comparing Yourself to the Business Next Door

No matter what stage you are at in your entrepreneurial journey you’re likely to find that you go through phases of comparing yourself to other entrepreneurs, or your business to other businesses. For every business owner the journey is completely unique, and this is often what makes our brand – our own personal story and journey – compelling but all too often we are keen to cover this up, to appear more like the businesses that we admire.


Read on to discover what this can mean for your business, and why you should stop comparing yourself to the one next door…

Let your creativity flow

The first thing that is often impacted when you start to compare your business to others is your own unique creativity. Business stems from ideas, and of course others around us influence our ideas, but it’s unlikely that you started with the intention of being exactly like another existing one, so why is this your focus now?

When you find yourself constantly comparing your business and your progress to others, you have to stop and ask yourself why. Continuing to do this and focusing on what other people are doing will stop you making the progress that you’re aiming for. In focusing so closely on other entrepreneurs, you’ll find that you quickly lose a sense of your own ambitions and what you set out to do in the first place.

It is also easy for your confidence and self-belief to take a knock when you’re constantly comparing yourself to others. Often we measure ourselves to those that we aim to be like, and so it’s easy then to get lost in ideas of ‘not being good enough.’

Whenever you start to notice this kind of behavior, stop and take five minutes to assess what you have achieved. Write down where you started and how far you have come, take a look at your work, your website and your social media and note down what you like about your brand to get your mind back on track.

Find Inspiration, not comparison

Other peoples’ journey’s should be a source of inspiration. When we feel inspired by someone or something, we feel positive and motivated, whereas when we directly compare ourselves, we feel the complete opposite. Find the balance in drawing positives from those that you find inspiring. Instead of focusing on just one or two businesses, or direct competitors, keep your eye out for people and companies that encompass elements that motivate you. Avoid spending a long time analysing individuals and companies, instead consider creating an ‘inspired vision’ Pinterest board, and pin ideas that come from lots of different people and businesses.

There’s a fine line between feeling inspired and comparing yourself to others. When you stay on the right side of that line, your creativity flows, and you feel empowered by those around you, and motivated to continue on your own entrepreneurial journey.

How are you keeping focused on what makes your business unique?

Rachel xx