How to Promote Yourself Online When You’re an Introvert

When it comes to promoting ourselves online, almost all of us find it difficult to be forthcoming and truly honest about our abilities and talents. For introverts, the art of self-promotion is even more challenging. Introverts naturally shy away from any kind of behaviour that might put them in the limelight, making self promotion online tricky.

Creating a digital footprint and a presence for yourself online is however vital as an entrepreneur. It’s important to showcase what you do and who you are, to build relationships and a repertoire with your audience. It is possible to comfortably promote yourself as an introvert online, read on to discover my top tips…

1. Tell a story

Believe it or not, the internet actually provides the perfect platform for introverts to build their brand, make connections and build valuable relationships. It might not feel so comfortable to start with, but once you get going you’ll find that story telling online is that little bit easier than in person.

Through your website, social media and blog you can use these platforms to create a strong image of who you are as an entrepreneur. Using both visuals and the written word, you can communicate your story and promote yourself online. Try creating a few test social media posts and sharing them with your friends and family. The people that know you well will be able to tell you whether you’re doing yourself justice or not.

2. Invest in stock images

Sharing photos of yourself regularly can be difficult it you’re camera shy, but it’s important to add that visual element to your brand and build a strong image. A great way to do this is to invest in stock images that fit with your brand identity. This way instead of feeling like you have to share your own images, or images of yourself everyday, you can feel a little more comfortable about promoting yourself by mixing in beautiful stock images.

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3. Invest in a photoshoot

The idea of standing in front of the camera and being the focal point for several hours can sound like a nightmare to most entrepreneurs. When you’re building your brand online, it’s so important to add that personal element to make you stand out from the crowd, and allow your audience to get to know you as an individual. It might be a little painful, but if you’re clever about the photos that you capture on the day, you won’t have to consider doing another shoot for sometime.

For many a couple of hours of feeling a little out of their comfort zone really pays off. On the day of your shoot, get a wide variety of images that you can drop into your social media and website for the months to come. Put on different outfits, go to different locations, take shots styled in different ways, all in a way that you’re able to feel comfortable with where possible.

While promoting yourself online as an introvert can feel unnatural to begin with, you’ll soon start to see the benefits for your business, and find it comes that little bit easier when you discover a way to promote yourself that feels comfortable to you.


Rachel xx