How to Articulate Your Brand Personality

When someone first interacts with your brand, what’s their experience? Is it what you set out to create, or does your imagery, logo, brand colours and content communicate something different? Defining how you want someone to feel when they interact with your brand is key to encouraging potential customers to engage with you, and respond in a way that ultimately helps you build relationships, positive experiences and of course sales.   


Your brand personality explained

Your brand personality is how it speaks to each individual, how it makes them feel and how they engage. This should be at the heart of your business, with all activity and messaging centring around it. Your target market should also be at the heart of your business, and your brand personality should be shaped around this.

Many businesses make the mistake of believing that their brand personality can be shaped without much intention, that it will just happen naturally as you make decisions regarding your branding and imagery. However, having a strong brand personality can help you stand out among competitors, and is well worth taking the time over to get right.

Defining your brand personality

Creating a brand that will be relatable to your target market is key, but how do you go about defining that? Think about how you might like someone to feel when they first come across your brand, whether that be on social media or via your website. Do you want them to feel like you’re helpful and familiar? Warm and friendly? Or perhaps you want to put across a sleek and modern vibe. Outlining this will help you better understand whether your brand currently aligns with what you do and how you want to come across.

Try writing down a few words in regards to how you’d want someone to feel when they first start to interact with your brand, and what you would like them to think about your brand during the early stages of relationship building.

Communicating your brand personality 

Everything that makes up your brand adds up to communicating your brand personality. Your colours, designs and images should all be authentic to your brand and product. To define and communicate your brand personality, set out strict guidelines to adhere by, to ensure that you are always communicating exactly what you set out to to attract your target market. This includes:

- Defining your brand colours: create a palette that works with your brand values

- Create guidelines for your imagery: images play a huge role in communication, and it is often images that shape our first impressions. Define the type of images that you will use to represent your brand. Images should also fit in with your brand colours 

- Create a tone of voice: your tone of voice is also essential, as the written word communicates the finer details of your brand to your audience. Create a tone of voice that aligns with your brand values to ensure your brand personality always comes through.

In creating these guidelines you can be sure that your brand personality is always clearly communicated, to prompt the response and feeling that you want from your target audience.