The Full Guide to Creating the Perfect Case Study

Case studies can be an amazingly powerful tool when it comes to generating and winning new business. When you get them right, they can save you a lot of time. In having amazing case studies on your website or portfolio, you can present your work to potential new clients in an attractive way, which can answer frequently asked questions a new client or customer might have for you, and built trust.


Read on do discover how to create the perfect case study for your business, to help you win new clients or generate sales…

Get the Visuals Right

A great case study includes great design, concise written content, and striking visuals to add impact and communicate your ideas and what you achieved.

Visuals are important as they quickly communicate what it is that you’re trying to get across to your potential client. If your work isn’t visual, invest in some great stock images that are relevant to your work, match your branding and make your case studies eye catching and engaging.

Consider Your Dream Client/Customer

When putting your case study together it’s important to have who you are trying to speak to at the front of your mind. Before you even start, think about who your dream client/customer is. Write this down, and consider what they might want to see from you at this early stage in your relationship.

Solve a Problem

In almost every industry, whether that’s service based or product focused, people turn to someone else when they have a problem that they need to be solved. The problem might be related to time, or a lack or skill set, or for a product based business, it might simply be that they are looking for something better than what they already have. People want to understand how you can help them. Make this the focus of your case study. Making it clear what the problem was and how you solved it from the offset.

Tell a Story

People buy people, and they also buy stories. Provide all of the details that a potential client might want to know in your case study, but do it in a way that’s concise and easy to digest. Include:

  • Who your customer/client is

  • What their goals were

  • What their needs were

  • What you did to meet those needs and achieve those goals

  • The end results

  • Customer feedback

Great case studies should answer almost all of the questions a potential client might have for you. This cuts down the time you need to spend convincing them that you’re the answer to their problem, and in turn, wins you more work.

Share in the comments how featuring a case study has helped you get new client.

Rachel xx