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Following on from last week's blog post and going back to the start of the brand journey this week, we put the focus on the main protagonist in your brand story; your client. After all, without clients you won't have a business.

Now your business is very often a spin off from something you're passionate about. You don't just leave a corporate job for the sake of wanting change but also to create a deeper purpose and meaning in your live. This purpose and meaning are often what we're most passionate about.  We're aiming to create a difference, looking to serve and bring change with what we're creating.

Who is your dream client? Can you visualise her?

Who is your dream client? Can you visualise her?

I think we're extremely lucky to live in a time where you can target the people you want to work with and not just adapt what you do to the masses. You can shape a dream client from what you create and this is what I'm going to speak about today.

After last's week post you should have more clarity about starting out as a brand and visioning your client's journey. This week I want to it narrow down to that client.

Existing clients

If you have been in business for a while you can learn a lot from your existing clients.

  • Who are they?

  • What do they have in common?

  • Why did they choose to work with you?

  • Where are they based?

  • What is their problem and the solution your provide for them?

If you haven't got some of the answers survey these clients and ask them why they chose you. What benefit did they get from working with you?

Now that you've defined your existing client you will have a better idea about your dream client and extend your reach to similar clients.

You don't have clients yet

We've all heard of the client avatar. The advantage of having an avatar is to be able to shape your communication towards this dream client. By understanding who they're and what keeps them awake at night you can gear your wording towards your ideal client. This also is key in helping to give you brand clarity. The days of creating a website and waiting for someone to land on it are well gone. To be able to sell your services and product you need to create an audience but if you don't know who they are, everything you put out there to promote yourself will just be lost.

What you need to know to create your avatar

This exercise can be quite fun. Your aim is to understand your customer so well that what you create fits with the transformation they're aiming for.

Let's start with the usual questions:

  • Are they male or female

  • How old are they?

  • Where do they live?

  • Do they have children?

  • What type of car are they driving

  • Where to they go on holidays

  • What is their occupation

  • Are they married /single

  • What magazine do they read, which facebook group are they a member?

  • What are their values?

  • What inspires them?

  • What word do they use all the time?

  • Why would they need your services?

  • What most motivates them to act?

  • How can you make a difference for them?

The idea is to get into your dream clients' shoes and guide them.  Your brand will take them on a journey, lead the way for them to help them reach their ideal. 

Now if you're completely lost about your dream client do some market research

Your product or services might be very difficult to sell if you don't solve a problem. So, what problems do you solve? For whom? For instance, you might only serve women? For a specific market and in the language they speak? If your content is mainly in Spanish, start with countries that speak the language.

Get clarity about the problem and start to do some research 

Places to find great information:

  • Pinterest is more of a search engine than a social media platform. If you type keywords in the search bar it will come up with even more keywords and these keywords might help you to narrow down your niche.

  • Amazon - research books on topics relevant to the problem you're solving. Read the reviews to look for gaps or recurring subjects.

  • Google by typing a keyword. Google will suggest search phrases.

  • Buzzmo to find relevant content

A word of advice

Keep your dream client relevant to who you're. Being authentic is what will make people want to connect with you. Do not try to emulate a successful competitor and think that by doing the same you will get her clients. You won't because you will come across as fake, or you will have to compete on price and you don't want your clients to choose you just because you do the same as X but cheaper.  It won't be long until someone else will emulate you and at an even cheaper price. Stay aligned to your values and you will create a real difference to those people you are wanting to serve.

Getting clients through the door isn't easy. It is more than just setting up in business and promoting yourself. It goes much deeper than that - it's about values and voice, setting yourself as the expert, and giving value.  Something I will talk about in my blog post in the next few weeks, so stay tuned! 

I hope you enjoyed reading this post? Please tell us about your brand clarity challenge in the comments - share, send love.

Rachel xx

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