Set yourself as the expert

Are you getting clearer at understanding your brand and who you serve? Ok now let's move on to your awesomeness and how you can stand out as an expert in your field. 

If you have no idea in which area you're an expert think again. Remember the days of CV writing where you had to write about your skills and how you made a difference in your job. Let's do the same with your brand. 

If you use your creative business as an example.  You might be branding strategist, web / graphic designer, photographer. Create a list of task you do when you onboard a client.


  • A consultation

  • Creating a vision board

  • Giving Creative direction

  • Transforming an idea into something tangible

  • Creating a beautiful design

From this list choose an area where you feel very knowledgeable, everything comes very easy for you, you enjoy talking about, helping your clients and always want to learn more about it. Got it?

This will be your area of expertise. On a piece of paper draw a circle, write your area of expertise, i.e I have used a designer as an example to give you a better idea how to proceed.

Replace the text with your area of expertise.

Replace the text with your area of expertise.

The idea with this graphic is to help you communicate about topics in you area of expertise, being an expert on this specific area in your business will give you the opportunity to create shareable content, being invited to podcast, offer guest blog post, take part in online summit. What do you want to be known for, why do you want people to use you as a solution? 

You want people to recommend you, be to go person to learn about a specific problem, you then need to get clear about your expertise in order to extend your reach and develop an audience.

The more you share this expertise and get positive feedback about how helpful you are, the more it will boost your confidence and you will continue making  a difference. Strong of this knowledge you can knock on influencers doors and develop new collaboration for even greater reach, sky is the limit!

Tells us in the comments what is your expertise? What have you found out?


Rachel xx