Define your brand voice

Getting Clarity about your branding is like going on a self-development journey - you have to ask yourself the right questions in order to move forward. In this post I will help you  define and use your brand voice.

Your brand voice

You already have a voice; you might just not be aware of it!  Browse through your content, blog posts, about pages and define the tone of your voice in these texts. What mood comes across? Ask people around you what defines your voice?



Do you come across as quirky, passionate, authentic, fun, joyful? Define these words even further i.e quirky: unconventional, out of the ordinary, eccentric - do you get the image? These keywords will be your fundamentals in defining your brand. Apply them to everything you put out there;  your text, your message, your visuals and digital presence. This will create consistency and we all know that consistency is key for building a powerful brand!

Differentiate yourself 

This tone of voice added to your own personality will create a chemistry to make something unique out of your brand. Learn from your customers, ask them why they came to you and choose to work with you.

By having a strong tone of voice you know that you won't be for everyone and this is what we want. By making a deliberate choice you will strongly position yourself in one direction with a clear message saying I'm for you! As well as, I'm not for you. You might still attract clients which are not 100% your ideal client in your gravitational sphere just because your brand story is so clear.

Engage and inspire

Forget jargon, now that you're clear about your tone of voice, use it. The way you speak and write will invite your audience to engage with you! Your tone of voice says a lot about your brand, your values, how you want to make a difference and the people behind it.

Build Trust

Having a strong an engaging brand voice, sets you as authentic and trustworthy. Nothing worse that being wishy-washy and trying to appeal to everyone and no one. You made the choice, you understand what your brand is and who it is for which means that I can trust you! Having a brand aligned with who you are will make it easier to go out there to spread the word about you, your brand, your story and how you want to make a difference in the world. This also means that you will build a tribe,  a community around your brand.  Putting content out there will be less of a bore and more about guiding and elevating the people around you.

Did you find your brand voice? What are the 3 keywords that define your voice?


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Rachel xx