Starting your brand journey

In my mission to help you with brand clarity, I will take you on a brand journey with the next few weeks blog posts. 

This first blog post will take you back to basics; you might already have had a business for a few years or, maybe just starting out. Wherever you are, you might need more clarity on your branding or, more focus on your business as a brand. 

Go back to basics with your brand journey.jpg


Let's start from the beginning then, with what's at the core of your business, your client.

Take your client on a journey


  • Imagine introducing your brand to a prospective client, where do you start? You're not just going to present yourself with "look what I'm selling, do you want to buy it? Imagine someone doing that to you? You know the answer, don't you?

  • What will you say during this first encounter? How will you introduce yourself and why do you care about them? Your brand should be a guide to help your clients reach their goal or end journey.

With this idea in mind, start working backwards

  • What is the end goal you're providing? By end goal I mean more than just a service or a product - a meaningful purpose like a transformation, more clients, new reach for their business etc...

  • How are you helping your client reach their goal? What puts in you the position of being the best to serve their needs?

  • Who is your client? Work on that avatar!

  • Once you've figured out these basics you will be able to fine-tune your client's experience and niche down who you're serving, differentiate yourself with your brand and unique offering through your expertise. i.e. what makes you stand out in your industry and what are the unique experiences that you can share? The service and the experience you're providing?

Your branding is your promise to your customer
— John Williams

Fine Tune the Image of your client and who you're serving.

  • Imagine taking your client on a journey; now define who are they, how did they find you and why are they coming to you?

  • Are you clear on who you're taking with you? Ok, got it?

  • Now, where are you taking them with you? Imagine the place; this place is your brand.

I.e. is it a boutique hotel, a grand plaza, or more down to earth place? What does the place look like when you enter? Are there flowers, what is the colour on the walls, are there any pictures?

Create a vision board for this visualisation.


  • Either on Pinterest or on your office walls. Don't forget to make it relevant to your clients' end journey though. When you look at this board what colour stands out? What type of font, what kind of vibe is coming out of the images on the wall?

  • The next step will be to map out the process of onboarding this client. How do you want them to feel when they enter this place? How will they be welcomed? What is the first step and, then, the next one?

  • Create an onboarding process from that.

  • Your next step is to detail how you will help your client reach their end goal. Create a table with columns and write down your client's problem. What is the solution you're providing? Another column with the benefit of working with you and another one with the overall experience you're offering.

  • Use all these words to write your about & services pages. You want to write these pages from your client's perspective by making it like a story that your client can identify with. If you're speaking to the right person, they will recognise themselves in your communication as if you're talking to them directly.

  • With all this figured out keep serving, showing up and connecting with your audience. Don't be afraid to put yourself in the picture as YOU are what connects the dots in your brand and makes the experience unique.

Stay tuned during next few weeks as I will go into more detail about each stage.  I do hope you enjoyed reading this post? Please tell us about your brand clarity challenge in the comments - share, send love.

Rachel xx