How do you serve and how unique are you?

In this brand clarity series we start by establishing who your ideal client is and understanding your mission. This post will  go even further by helping you to think about ways you can distinguish yourself while serving your client.

First you need to understand who your ideal client is.  If you're not clear about that refer to the post about finding your ideal client.

Ways to be unique in serving your client?  You can start even before your client has a first contact with you. Polish your opt-in and make sure your website is up-to-date?  There is nothing worse than browsing on a site to find out that a page is not working, a link missing, or the content hasn't been updated for the last 3 months. This is what I would call neglect. We're in 2018 if you want to stand out these mistakes are better avoided.

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Your copy

Does the copy on your website speak to your ideal client? Find a way to survey your existing clients, ask around. Ideally you want your copy to portray your personality, you won't last very long trying to emulate someone you're are not. The way you write and speak will also attract your ideal client.

What do you say in your copy? Is it just about you?  Your client doesn't really care about you. What they want to know is how you will make a difference for them, how you will serve them and if they can trust you. This is where you can speak about you and what makes you stand out from the competition.

Before anyone will be buy from you, they need to trust you and know more about you. Give value, show your expertise, be of service and make your ideal client's life easier.  Share tips and insights on your blog, do videos, create an opt-in and Mister Google will love the stream of fresh content on your site.

What experience will you give your clients?

Make the buying process part of the whole experience. A client will remember how you made them feel much more than what you did or sold them. It doesn't necessarily mean splurging a lot of money to give your client a lavish experience. It can simply mean giving your client the attention they deserve.


  • how long does it take you to return an email a phone call? More than 48 hours? Think again!
  • Sending a hand written note doesn't cost the earth and it is always wonderful to receive a letter through the post
  • How long does it take you to fulfil an order?
  • Do you hold in-person events for your clients?
  • What personal touch do you add to you client's orders?
  • Do you have a section on your website describing the experience your clients can expect when working with you?

It's all in the DETAILS. 

Imagine yourself as the client going through the whole experience working with you. It starts with your website, social media, your images, your copy. 

Then go through the client process when someone buys from you. Don't forget the after sales experience. Don't just let your client hang on there - invite them to blog about their experience of working with you and how it made a difference to their business. Send them a small gift or a thank you note.

You are a creative, so be creative in the way you serve your clients! 

Serving my clients is something I'm very passionate about and, for me, luxury is not in the ostentatious, it's in the simplicity of the attention, not only to details, but attention in the person you're serving.  Do share in the comment box what you're  most proud of when serving your clients.

Rachel xx

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