Define you brand's value and mission

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How are you getting on in your journey towards brand clarity?  A brand's value and mission is not always something we think about from the start when we set up a business but it's what will set you apart.

I was talking to a florist recently about creating a branding film for her business. When we talked about how she is setting herself apart from the competition it became clear that she has a strong mission and high values she wants to share.


She is not just a florist selling flowers; her flowers are ethically sourced and Fairtrade.  She would like to source her flowers as close to home as possible.

Her business is not only making a difference to her clients but also to the person who grows the flowers. She is the link between the two and creating an impact on both.

When you start a business your primary goal is to become profitable;  let's say its your brand purpose.

If you choose to set up a business, it's also because your aiming for something more than the tangible, otherwise why did you leave your job? What is your ideal? What's your mission? This will become your mission.

Share it, put it out there. Your mission will make you stand out in your industry.  You will develop a community, not only around your products and services but also around YOU, how you see the world and the impact your business has on the community.

When you get a client onboard you want to start a long-term relationship with them, nurture this relationship, invite them into your community where they can share your values and you keep them updated on how your mission is growing and evolving.

How can you find your mission and your values:

  • Ask yourself why you started your business, what is the aim behind it, dig deeper than work/life/balance.

  • What changes do you want to see in the world?

  • What moves you? When your browse the news what makes you really angry? Or, fills your heart with joy?

  • Write it down. Now filter it through what you're doing. You don't have to share everything in your brand, i.e religious and political issues are probably best avoided unless they are part of your brand.

I found this great quote that I think will inspire you to find and communicate your brand's value and mission.

It’s not what you sell it’s what you stand for.
— Roy Spence

In the comments tell us about what you do and your brand's mission

Rachel xx

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